Played by vigen
Name: Elafriel Bringer of winter
Domains: Air(winter) Death(Cold)
Alignment: chaotic, neutral
Description: Elafriel is portrayed as a young woman with skin as white as new fallen snow, her hair is straight and blond with a slightly bluish hue and her eyes are as black as the nightsky, telling the stories of every living being/organism whose life she has extinguished. Her touch colder than ice, takes the lives of whatever dare touch her be it the plants beneath her bare feets,or mortal man/beast.
Her only attire is a gown of woven ice.

She prefers to appear humanoid, though she is known from time to time to take the form of a snow-falcon, sharing the same features as her humanoid form(Snowwhite feathermane with spots of a slight bluish hue and eyes as black as night)

Elafriel is the bringer of winter and thereby also death, she sees life as something peculiar, it keeps sprouting no matter how many bringings of winter she delivers. This resilience have in recent years sparked an interest in her, to make her own life and see how it evolves. Her goals are to bring winter as far down from the arctic as possible and to govern and study her creations.