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Chururus, Void's Repletion
Played By: Nexaduro
Domains and Portfolios: Darkness (Night), Void (Stars)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: Chururus shapes itself from an amorphous ichor bearing the colours of the night sky; subtle shades of near-black, the tentative glow of newborn suns and the awesome effulgence of a constellation's death-throes. A rigid crown of umber rests lightly upon its apex and casts a gentle warmth around it, in juxtaposition to the void-like chill emanating from its form. Edges, curves, appendages, and a perpetually concerned countenance project themselves from its shape at whim.

More later.
I await the "more later" with bated breath. But looks pretty good so far!

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Played By: Xunthrae
Named: Thysia
Domains and portfolios: Beauty and Music.
Alignment: CG
Description: Thysia is depicted as a beautiful woman. Atop her head rests a delicate circlet made of a gleaming silvery material. No matter the race depicting her, Thysia's eyes are always of the purist white, rimmed with black around her iris. Her hair is a luscious pale blue. The other gods and goddesses she is often seen without clothing, but it is not peculiar to see her in ornate dresses or ceremonial garments.


Played By: Xunthrae
Named: Mersahj
Domains: Water (Oceans) and Life (Aquatic)
Alignment: CN
Description: Mersahj's upper body looks to be that of a beautiful woman, except her skin is covered in tiny, teal iridescent scales, her hands are webbed and a large crown of fins adorns her head. She has two sets of obvious gills, large ones running along her ribs and another pair on her neck. Her lower half changes between that of an octopus, with 8 large tentacles, and that of a tail, perfect for swift swimming.

Not sure which of the two I want to go, both could be fun.

Edit: Maybe instead of Life (Aquatic) she could have Air (storms) or something like that if there is no life yet.
Both of these look fairly well thought out to me. Approved, for whichever one you wish to play, although before we start, I'd like you to pick . Also, Life (Aquatic) is fine, Create Life is only an 1 AP action, and it's certainly not a waste as that can either be something as simple as fish or as advanced as a sentient race of Naga.

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I'm interested its just that the concept I wish to play would require there to already be life on the material plane so I'll be joining once that happens
That's alright.

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Okay, I brought back Ethidras too many times. So I am doing something new.

I call Knight Goddess

Edit: Done

Name: Lady Aleru, Queen of Chivalry
Played By: MichaelGoldclaw
Domains and Portfolios: Good (Chivalry), Nobility (Just monarchs)
Alignment: LG (More good than law)
Description: Armored neck to toe, usually, Not much can be said about Aleru's body. She stand just one inch shy of 6 feet without armor. The armor usually adds one to two inches. She has long, blonde hair blue eyes. Her armor is full plate with blue and gold cloth underneath. When in battle or combat contest, she wears a helmet with her hair flowing out.

Aleru is a kind and noble woman. She honorable, respectable, and brave. She believes that everyone should be fair and honorable to each other so that good comes of it. She is a hot blooded individual. At worst, this makes her stubborn, reckless, and impatient, however it also makes her unyielding, bold, and decisive.

What could her goals be in the game? That's something that can sometimes be an issue.. A well thought out god, but no goals that could last the game.

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Played by vigen
Name: Elafriel Bringer of winter
Domains: Air(winter) Death(Cold)
Alignment: chaotic, neutral
Description: Elafriel is portrayed as a young woman with skin as white as new fallen snow, her hair is straight and blond with a slightly bluish hue and her eyes are as black as the nightsky, telling the stories of every living being/organism whose life she has extinguished. Her touch colder than ice, takes the lives of whatever dare touch her be it the plants beneath her bare feets,or mortal man/beast.
Her only attire is a gown of woven ice.

She prefers to appear humanoid, though she is known from time to time to take the form of a snow-falcon, sharing the same features as her humanoid form(Snowwhite feathermane with spots of a slight bluish hue and eyes as black as night)

Elafriel is the bringer of winter and thereby also death, she sees life as something peculiar, it keeps sprouting no matter how many bringings of winter she delivers. This resilience have in recent years sparked an interest in her, to make her own life and see how it evolves. Her goals are to bring winter as far down from the arctic as possible and to govern and study her creations.
Ah yes, a deity of winter. Seen this before, I wonder how you'll play it out. Approved.

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Played by: ToxicMind
God Name: Kereth the Guide
Domains: Light (Guidance), Death (Souls)
Alignment: NG
Description: Kereth appears as a kindly old man, carrying a lantern and a walking staff. His eyes are the gold of a lantern flame, and his hair is white as snow. He speaks kindly to those he meets, and his voice is soft but commanding. He stands tall, despite his apparent age, and his walk is sure and strong, the gait of one who is never unsure of his destination.

Kereth's physical form is far more changeable, as he appears to those that see him as someone worthy of trust. Still, he remains in his human form. His divine body is far less comforting. His divine body is vaguely humanoid, and made entirely of light, blinding in its revealing radiance.

Kereth's only desire is to help those who are lost, or unsure of their path, whatever form that takes. Wanderers who are lost on a journey can seek his aid to find the right path, and mortals who do not know where their life is headed can pray to him for guidance. In addition, he brings the souls of mortals to the afterlife, though never forcing hem to join them. He is fair and honest, and when, as almost all do, they come with him, their souls are stored in his lantern, bathed in warming light until delivered to the afterlife.

Kereth cares little for the squabbles of mortals, only for seeing that all who need his aid are not led astray. Whatever their intentions may be. Kereth protects those who are kind to travelers, and those who are honest in their dealings with strangers.
A kind old heart with the wisdom of age for the youngsters. I like it. Approved.