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    Animals of the Americas

    Classic Monsters (Under Construction)
    These are monsters from pathfinder that are considered suitable to be used in this setting, with a brief explanation of what needs to change to make them suitable.

    All new monsters are created by playgrounders, through the Call to Brew thread!
    Finished New Monsters
    Spoiler: Finished New Monsters

    • Acheri (CR 3)- A spectral child, the remnants of a child who died of a disease, who seeks to spread their illness.
    • Agloolik (CR 5)- A tall, furry water monster, who protects seals and seal cubs, and will help respectful hunters catch food.
    • Akhlut (CR 4)- An enormous amphibious beast, part Orca and part Wolf, which hunts with advanced tactics.
    • Alebrijes (CR +1)- Chaotic animal-like creatures from the spirit world, with glaringly bright and contrasting colors.
    • A-Mi-Kuk (CR 7)- A huge, slimy-skinned monster, with four arms ending in human hands. The beast lives in the ocean, but it can burrow to inland lakes and walk on land.
    • Auvvik (CR 1/2)- An enormous caterpillar that feeds on blood to grow. Actually very friendly, and can make a good pet.
    • Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-'Ti (CR 4)- A giant, black, scale-covered creature, with canine front legs and a smashing fish-tail.
    • Chenoo (CR 7)- Humans that committed a terrible crime and froze their heart, becoming undead monsters that grow as they eat people.
    • Cihuateotl (CR 12)- The spirits of women who died in childbirth, with skeletal faces and eagle claws.
    • Cipactli- Horrid mixtures of frog, fish, and crocodile, covered in dozens of hungry mouths. They dwell deep in swamps and eat anything they can fit in their mouths.
    • Disemboweler (CR 6)- A female monster that kills people who are alone at night, by whispering terrible jokes that make them laugh until their stomachs explode.
    • Fsti Capcaki (CR 7)- Tall, hairy, extremely strong forest-dwelling humanoid, wields heavy branches and tree trunks as weapons.
    • Flying Head (CR 2)- After a particularly violent demise, the head of the victim detaches and grows, becoming huge and winged.
    • Gaasyendietha- A huge, aquatic dragon that flies through the air on a trail of fire. Also known as a 'Meteor Dragon'.
    • Geldegwsets (CR 5)- giants that live in rivers and streams, known to be friendly to humans that are respectful.
    • Haakapaizizi (CR 15)- A massive giant that can take the form of a grasshopper.
    • Harvestmen- Monstrous long-legged arachnids.
    • Hokhoku- Enormous, terrifying ravens that feed on eyes and brains.
    • Horned Alligator (CR 4)- A mystic crocodile with single horn, which can be removed and made into various items.
    • Hvcko Capko (CR 9)- A foul beast with the head of a wolf, the tail of a horse, and large eyes. It smells awful, and carries diseases.
    • Indacinga (CR 20)- A enormous, terribly strong giant, which can tear houses or trees out of the ground
    • Ishigaq (CR 1/2)- Tiny humanoids so light they leave no footprints on the snow.
    • Kiwahkw- the undead form of a dark spellcaster, that can change size at will, release a terrible, killing scream, regrow from injuries. The stronger the spellcaster, the stronger the Kiwahkw.
    • Matlose (CR 5)- A black-furred humanoid that paralyzes its victims with a fearsome scream.
    • Obsidian Butterfly Swarm (CR 4)- A swarm of obsidian butterflies that leave bleeding wounds and shred fragile objects.
    • Paija (CR 5)- A grotesque, cannibalistic female, covered in hair, with a single legs that emerges from her lady parts. Her gaze can petrify her victims.
    • Siat (male) / Bapet (female) (CR 5)- The males capture children, and the females suckle them on poisonous milk. Only vulnerable to obsidian weapons.
    • Sisuitl (CR 14)- A massive, two-headed sea serpent with a false face in the middle of the body.
    • Skatene (CR 4)- An ogrelike woman who can turn into an owl and decapitates victims.
    • Spirit Beasts- Immensely powerful elemental creatures, blending of animal and element, bridges between the mortal and the spirit world.
    • Tah-Tah-KleĎ-Ah (CR 10)- An evil ogress who kidnaps children in a pitch-lined basket, and may capture hunters to marry them.
    • Tammatuyuq (CR 4)- A cannibal monster, who turns human to gain the trust of a mother with a young child, then stabs a straw through the soft spot and sucks out their brain.
    • Tizheruk (CR 10)- A huge, whale-like aquatic creature, that rams opponents with its enormous head.
    • Tsiatko (CR 3)- Very tall, thin humanoids that live high in the mountains and speak with whistles. They make corpses into paralytic powder.
    • Uncegila (CR 21)- A huge, all but unkillable monster, with almost-impenetrable adamantine scales. Swallows victims whole, but is vulnerable from within.
    • White Buffalo (CR 15)- Sacred animals and messengers of powerful spirits, with great magical powers that can speak the languages of men.
    • Xiuhcoatl- An enormous turquoise dragon serpent, wreathed in sapphire flames, commanded by the gods against those who displease them.
    • Yumilekax (CR 3)- A mystical deer with wooden horns, some even bearing a beehive among their antlers. A protector of the forests that's immune to arrows.

    • Bž Xiť (CR 9)- A winged, lion-like creature, a force of good whose presence alone wards off evil.
    • Black Shuck (CR 15)- A huge, black, undead hound, a portent of death, but it will occasionally escort travelers along dangerous roads or watch over children.
    • Clurichaun (CR 2)- A leprechaun who has been exposed to alcohol and transformed over years of abuse. Constantly drunk and surly, and raids cellars.
    • Feng Huang (CR 12)- A mystical pair of birds, male and female, whose presence is a portent of wealth and good fortune.
    • Lutin (CR 2)- A shape-shifting house-spirit, which can take the form of animals, move through air and earth, or turn invisible.
    • NiŠn ShÚu (CR 16)- A large creature with a bull's body and a lion's head. It emerges from the sea on the Chinese new year to consume the Han people, but it can be repelled by the color red and loud noises.
    • Pixie, Garden- Tiny plant-like fey, imported to decorate European gardens, and became highly invasive.
    • Rhinemaiden (CR 6)- Seductive water spirits which hoard gold at the bottom of their rivers and pools.
    • Sin-you (CR 6)- A large creature, resembling a mix of lion and bull, with a singe stright horn. Attacks liars and the guilty.
    • ZhŤnniǎo (CR 5)- 'Poison-feather birds', green and purple birds with highly venomous talons and beaks, and a toxic contact poison on their feathers.

    Unfinished New Monsters
    Spoiler: Unfinished New Monsters

    Anaye- A group of extremely powerful beings born to virgins who partook of unnatural practices. Most were destroyed. Remaining anaye include Hunger, Poverty, Old Age, and Cold.
    Auvekoejak- Mermaid-like creature with polar bear fur instead of scales.
    Dust Devil- Dead human spirits who temporarily return to the mortal world. If it spins clockwise, itís a good spirit, if it spins counterclockwise, it is evil.
    Emogoalekc- Once human, turned partially into a sea monster when he threw himself into the sea to drown.
    Ewah- A demon that drives anyone who sees it insane, so there are no reports of what it looks like.
    Haietlik- flying serpents of electricity that often travel with thunderbirds.
    Hakulaq- A female monster that controls the weather. Her infant looks human and she sets him to float in a basket, such that kind-hearted people will rescue him. When they take him to shore, she appears and wipes out their village, claiming they stole her child.
    Hayicanako- A colossal woman who lives deep underground and supports the earth (somewhat like atlas). Earthquakes happen when she gets weak from hunger, and can be stopped by throwing meat into deep holes.
    Hinqumemen- A living lake that drowns victims, particularly when they try to take buckets of it away.
    Hoga- An enormous fish-like monster with pig ears, thick whiskers, and large tusks. It can change colors.
    Ikuutayuq- A female monster who kills victims at a ritual circle by drilling holes in them until they die.
    Imap Umassoursa- An enormous monster that looks like a floating island, and hunts by flipping boats and eating the drowned sailors.
    Inung- A spirit pest that enters the body of a living creature and lives there until they die. After death, it emerges as a flickering light.
    Inupasugjuk- Great arctic giants that live on the sea ice at the north pole and visit the mainland during winter when the sea ice is thick enough to support their weight.
    Jackalope- A rabbit with deer antlers and a pheasantís tail.
    Jokao/Stonecoats- Men with stone skin and stone canes that eat people. Repelled by menstruating women.
    Kachina- Highly varied spirits representing embodiments of various things in the world, such as stones or insects or stars.
    Kaitorak- A powerful forest spirit. Twigs cut from the spirit still have much of itís power.
    Katutajuk/Katyutayuuq/Katyn Tayuuq- A large head with stubby legs and arms. Devours everything, and is strong enough to burst through the walls of an igloo.
    Kaneakeluh- A great cosmic bird that first brought fire to men.
    Kashehotapolo- A man-deer that dwells in the forest, that runs so fast nobody has seen it clearly.
    Kawatilikalla- Wolves that can take off their skins and become humans.
    Kelok- A winged beast whose body explodes in flames.
    Kitzinackas- A friendly water serpent with supernatural power that can be invoked in rituals.
    Koguhpuk- Huge mammalian creatures that live underground because the sun will kill them. They only come to the surface during the long night in the depth of winter.
    Kolowisi- A horned water serpent with sharp fangs that can take the form of a baby.
    Kushtaka- Were-otters. Some stories paint them as cruel tricksters, other paint them as friendly and helpful. They may turn humans into kushtaka to save them from drowning.
    La Llorona- An ancient ghost that drowned her children before drowning herself. Appears around rivers and lakes all through mexico and drowns children that come too close.
    Lenapizka- An amphibious creature that lives in lakes.
    Mamagwasewug- Forest-dwelling fairy-like creatures that are two feet tall with fur on their faces. They sail stone canoes.
    Mi-Ni-Wa-Tu- A large mammalian creature with red fur, one eye, one forehead horn, and a spiked beaverís tail that lives in rivers and swims very fast.
    Moogie- A lizard-like creature that lives in the Ozarks.
    Nagual- Humans with the power to shape shift into an animal related to their day of birth.
    Nalusa Falaya- A small shadow-creature that consumes the souls of the depressed.
    N-dam-keno-wet- A hybrid of fish and human (not a merman) who loves to molest women in the bath.
    Neglected Ancestral Spirit- The spirits of ancestors that chose to remain on the spirit world to guide their progeny and have since been neglected and twisted to evil.
    Nunyenunc- A giant predatory bird that grabs people and flies them off to itís nest to be consumed.
    Ogopogo- 40-50 foot sea serpent that dwells in Okanagan lake.
    Old Man of the Mountain- An enormous stone giant slumbering, buried in a mountain.
    Onnoint- A giant horned snake that uses its magic horns to control the earth and crush enemies.
    Oshadagea- A great eagle that carries water through the air in a hollow on itís back. Puts out fires and spreads dew.
    Paiyuk- A highly aggressive aquatic elk that hunts humans as itís prey.
    Pal-Rai-Yuk- Bizzare creature with six pawed legs, two fox heads, three stomachs, three dorsal fins, Thick fur, a froglike tongue, a fish/whale like tail and a serrated ridge on itís back.
    Palulukon- A powerful water serpent that can stop the earthís spin and stop springs from flowing if people stop living in harmony with nature.
    Piasa- A huge, scaled, catlike creature with deerlike horns, a very long tail with a fish tail on the end, and red eyes.
    Pskegdemus- A female ghost that dwells in swamps. In some stories, itís malevolent being, luring children to their demise. In others, itís a tragic figure, having lost her own children she call out to children from loneliness.
    Quailertetang- A seal-man hybrid that serves Sedna, the sea goddess. It observes humans and reports on their wrongdoings.
    Quinametzin- The former residents of the world, extinguished by the god for failure to worship them. Giants large enough to move great blocks of stone by themselves.
    Raw Gums- A fearsome magician and cannibal, raw guns is a human transformed through his own evil magic and his diet of eating chiefs. He raises the bodies of the chiefs he eats as undead servants.
    Sa-Yin- A water monster that resembles a centaur.
    Sio Humis- Happy and friendly rain spirits.
    Skunk, Dire- Self-explanatory
    Snawfus- A pure white deer with plants and flowers gowing from itís antlers. Itís hooves split into fingerlike digits, allowing it to climb and swing through the trees. It creates thunder, and blue clouds in autumn.
    Stcemqestcint- Humanlike creatures that wear nothing but buffalo skin and can turn into trees to hide. If you stare at one thatís hiding as a tree for a long time, it may become stuck as a tree.
    Stikini- A race of people able to turn into horned owls. At night they regurgitate their organs and turn into owls to enter the homes of their victims and steal their still-beating hearts. Once they turn back into humans, they re-swallow their organs. Owl-feathered arrows deal extra damage to them.
    Sundew, Giant- A giant predatory plant.
    Tcipitckaam- A crocodile-like sea serpent with a yellow horn projecting out of itís forehead. It can turn into a handsome young man to lure women close to drown them.
    Teehooltsoodi- A massive otter with bull-like horns. It can control water and create floods.
    Teyu-Yagua- A reptile monster with seven dog heads that breath fire, and shiny skin. Very powerful, but calm and harmless.
    Thelgeth- Hairy, headless, man-eating creatures. Members of the Anaye family of monsters.
    Tlahuelpuchi- A human who develops the power to shape shift during puberty. They must suck the blood of infants. Females are more common, and more powerful, than males.
    Tlanuhwa- Great red-tailed hawks with great mystical power.
    Tsanahale- Resembling harpies, they have human female torsos with eagle-like wings and taloned legs.
    Ugjuknarpak- Enormous rodent with a prehensile tail and extremely hard-to-break skin. Capable of swimming.
    Wakandagi Pezi- A water serpent with deer antlers and hooves on itís feet. It gets jealous when people swim in its waters, and shoots bombs of water to blow up canoes.
    Wasgo- Sea wolves, a sort of seal with a longer, more wolfish snout. They hunt in large packs to take down small whales, and may attack swimmers.
    Yagim- A fearsome sharklike creature, with a bright red body. Itís extremely bloodthirsty.

    Baba Yaga- An evil old woman who flies in a cauldron and lives in a cottage that walks on chicken legs. A powerful witch.
    Gwyllion- A terrifyingly ugly female elf. You must be polite and kind or it will bring destruction on your home. Known to cause travelers to become lost.
    Hsigo- Noisy beasts, resembling monkeys with feathered arms that can unfold into wings. Good at throwing things.
    Jersey Devil- Human babies cursed while in the womb or during birth, they become horrible demonic creatures upon birth, with batlike wings, hooved feet, a goatís head, and a forked tail.
    Jīn ChŠn- A red-eyed bullfrog with only one back leg and seven spots on itís back. Itís attracted to gold and valuable materials.
    Le Nain Rouge- A French dwarf-spirit that came from Europe and now lives near Fort Detroit.
    Pťng- An enormous creature that transforms from a fish to a bird and back.
    Penghou- A forest spirit with the body of a black dog with no tail, and the face of a man. Dwells in trees and escapes when the tree is cut down.
    Pixie, Feral- Garden pixies that have escaped and spread into the wild, becoming much wilder than their more tame cousins.
    Sinterklaas- Saint Nickolas, who has recently added a new world leg to his journey.
    Wittewijven- Undead spirits of wise women that haunt burial sites and sacred places, offering either help or harm to those who approach, depending on the nature of the spirit in question.
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