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    The monk table has been updated and now displays correctly. I've updated the class with some additional tweaks that reflect lessons learned over the past year or two of gaming:

    • Restored skill progression to 10 + Int per level. Although this has been opposed previously, extensive gameplay has shown that it really works exactly right. Players familiar with my homebrew will note that the daring outlaw, which I promote as a rogue replacement, also obtains 10 + Int skill points per level.
    • Empty Strike no longer grants Wisdom bonus to damage rolls. However, the Fists of Iron feat now grants that benefit. This replaces the previous effect of Fists of Iron and moots the recent discussion about that feat. This change is to tone down the monk's damage output, which could easily become broken under heavy optimization.
    • Improvements have been made to Moment of Perfection and Timeless Body.
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