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    Default Shadowcaster Mysteries


    Arcane Familiarity: Learn aura and duration of magical effects on your person.
    Arrow of Dusk: Ray deals 2d4 [nonlethal], ×3 crit.
    Black Candle: As the spell darkness or light.
    Caul of Shadow: Shadows grant deflection bonus to AC.
    Deepen Slumber: Place creature into deeper state of sleep.
    Ebon Renewal: Refresh one creature of its need to drink but possibly sicken them
    Ensnaring Shade: One Large or smaller target in shadowy illumination must make Reflex save or be [immobilized] for 1 round.
    Ghostly Blade: Create a small blade of force.
    Haunting Tune: Tune deals 1d4 [sonic] damage to target and may [fascinate] nearby creatures for 1 round.
    Liquid Night: Create ink by manifesting surrounding shadows.
    Midnight Veil: Gain bonus on saving throws
    Mystic Reflections: As the spell detect magic.
    Olden Tales: Gain bonus on Knowledge checks
    Question Shadow: Ask an individual’s shadow one yes-or-no question.
    Shadow Hood: Subject takes –1 penalty on attack rolls and Dexterity-based checks.
    Shadow Vigor: Grant the target temporary hit points
    Shadowstep: Walk unbound for 1 round.
    Shadowy Touch: Channel [negative energy] through your touch
    Sight Obscured: +5 bonus on Hide, Sleight of Hand, or other checks to conceal your movements, actions, or presence.
    Skeleton Key: Create a key to open or jam one lock.
    Squelch Light: End [light] effects in the area or fill a small area with [darkness].
    Sustained Stride: Grant the target the ability to move without tiring.
    Tools of the Trade: Create a small, nonmagical item
    Umbral Hand: As the spell mage hand, but can affect heavier objects and magic items.
    Unbidden Strike: Set up a weapon to attack any who approach.
    Trick of the Light: Create a minor, shadowy illusion.
    Widened Eyes: Gain low-light vision.
    Withdraw Thought: Ruin parchment or lower a creature's Intelligence


    Cloak of Shadows
    1 Steel Shadows: Gain +3 armor bonus and +3 shield bonus to AC.
    2 Sight Eclipsed: Hide even when observed.
    3 Sharp Shadows: Foes striking you take [piercing] damage.

    Dark Snare
    1 Sudden Pit: Create a pit trap.
    2 Shadow Spikes: Cause spikes to grow from floor, wall, or creature.
    3 Shadow’s Venom: Create a small amount of poison.

    Dark Terrain
    1 Carpet of Shadow: Transform the ground into shadowstuff, impeding movement.
    2 Black Fire: Create fire in several squares that deals [cold] damage.
    3 Clinging Darkness: Root foes in place.

    Darkland Walker
    1 Dimmed Walker: Unintelligent undead perceive you as undead and you gain deathwatch ability.
    2 Wave of Emptiness: Renders target unable to see life. Attacking the creature deals extra damage.
    3 Land of Darkness: Create area that deals [negative energy] damage each round.

    Ebon Alluvium
    1 Umbral Sludge: Mobile sludge [sickens] and trips creatures.
    2 Extract Slime: Slay dying creature to make dangerous spreading ooze around them.
    3 Summon Ooze: Summon ooze with strength based on caster level.

    Ebon Whispers
    1 Voice of Shadow: As the spell command, but also affecting intelligent undead and constructs.
    2 Congress of Shadows: Hold two-way conversation at a distance.
    3 Flicker: Flash through several locations via conduits of shadow.

    Eyes of Darkness
    1 Bend Perspective: Change point of view, as though you were standing elsewhere.
    2 Piercing Sight: Gain darkvision 60 ft. and see invisible creatures.
    3 Killing Shadows: Gaze attack that deals damage.

    False Faces
    1 False Form: Disguise your form with deceptive shadows.
    2 Cursed Visage: Curse a target through its face.
    3 Faceless Shadow: Erase one creature’s face altogether.

    Hollow Façade
    1 Shattering Image: Illusory image harms those who disbelieve.
    2 Visage of Falsehood: [Glamer] aids Bluff checks and cause [fear] in those who disbelieve.
    3 Dark Phantom: Shadow illusion overwhelms the target’s mind.

    Night’s Long Fingers
    1 Quicker than the Eye: Gain bonus on Sleight of Hand checks; use Sleight of Hand at a distance.
    2 Trail of Haze: Touched target emits a trail of shadowy mist only you can see.
    3 Umbral Fist: Make special attacks at a distance.

    Out of Mind
    1 Drain Awareness: Steal one target's awareness of its surroundings.
    2 Living Ghost: Erase recent memories of yourself from one creature’s mind.
    3 Without a Trace: Disappear even from magical sight.

    Sepulcher Survival
    1 Crush Oubliette: Gain bonus to Strength checks made to break items.
    2 Glimpse Secret: Detect location of secret doors or detect a lie.
    3 Rescind Peril: Traps within area cannot activate for 1 round/level

    Shaded Flame
    1 Cursed Flame: Fire burns and curses one foe.
    2 Frigid Smoke: Create a cloud of frozen air.
    3 Invisible Pyre: Creates an invisible trap of fire and shadows.

    Shadow Puppetry
    1 Puppet Strings: Make ranged grapple check each round.
    2 Tugging Shadows: [Immobilize] and push about one creature.
    3 Dark Silhouette: Summon a shadowy creature of nightmare.

    Shadow’s Whispers
    1 Detect Life: Detect nearby sources of life.
    2 Darkened Lore: Gain a quick flash of insight.
    3 Pry the Truth: Pry the truth out of the living or the dead.

    Shutters and Clouds
    1 Dusk and Dawn: Create an area of shadowy illumination.
    2 Shadow Skin: Thicken your flesh with the power of shadow.
    3 Dancing Shadows: Make subjects harder to hit.

    Touch of Twilight
    1 Life Fades: Deal [nonlethal] damage and cause [fatigue].
    2 Flesh Fails: Deal minor ability damage.
    3 Umbral Touch: Deal damage and slow with a touch.

    Twilight Studies
    1 Forgotten Text: Make text unreadable to all but select few. Decipher Script check gives another message.
    2 Tome of Night: Create tome of shadow to either imitate a fundamental or grant bonus on skill check.
    3 Shadow Homunculus: Create shadowy servitor to serve you, almost like unseen servant does.

    Umbral Charm
    1 Armor of Lies: Protect yourself through mistruths.
    2 Umbral Authority: Use your authority to scare and intimidate.
    3 Shadow’s Appeal: Temporarily beguile your foes.

    Umbral Mind
    1 Mesmerizing Shade: [Daze] subject for 1 round or cause –1 penalty on attack rolls, checks, saves.
    2 Thoughts of Shadow: Briefly enhance mental abilities.
    3 Afraid of the Dark: Create a shadowy reflection of the subject that deals ability damage.

    Voice from Beyond
    1 Voices from Nowhere: As ventriloquism, except with sound emanating from several locations.
    2 Beguiling Voice: Control the actions of one individual.
    3 Curse of Silence: [Deafen] one target, and punish it for speaking.

    Waking Nightmares
    1 Turbulent Dreams: One target is put to [sleep].
    2 Stuff of Nightmares: Summon one otherworldly creature to fight on your behalf.
    3 Dark Will: Make your target sleepy and suggestible.

    Winding Trail
    1 Shadow’s Path: Leave a path that only you can see and teleport back along.
    2 Shadow Layout: Gain information on your surroundings from the shadows.
    3 Path of Woe: Rearrange surrounding area in a variety of ways.


    Black Magic
    4 Warp Spell: Steal the energy of another caster’s mystery or spell.
    5 Echo Spell: Repeat a mystery or spell cast in the previous round.
    6 Flood of Shadow: Casting in area is difficult; shadow mysteries and spells are empowered.

    Body and Soul
    4 Bolster: Grant subject temporary hit points.
    5 Languor: Shadows weigh subjects down.
    6 Shadow Investiture: Grant subject [cold] resistance 15, evasion, and ability to see in darkness.

    Boundless Void
    4 Clutching Sky: All creatures within an area are pulled upwards as they are grappled by the air itself, only to be dropped when they break free.
    5 Black Skies: A large area of shadowy illumination is produced. Creatures may hide in the shadows and senses are slowly dulled.
    6 Descending Sky: Increased air pressure may [nauseate] foes, creates difficult terrain, and deals [sonic] damage. Flying in area is impossible.

    Dark Journey
    4 Shadow’s Release: Move unimpeded.
    5 Shadow Flight: You can fly about and leave a path of dimness as you go.
    6 Awaited Destination: Learn your way to your destination.

    Dark Reflections
    4 Shadow Evocation: Mimic evocation below 5th level, but only 20% real.
    5 Feign Life: Animate objects and give them concealment.
    6 Shadow Evocation, Greater: Mimic evocation below 7th level, but only 60% real.

    Dark Relic
    4 Shadow Weaponry: Empower a weapon and allow it to overcome most defenses.
    5 Shadows Passing: Teleport objects around as you desire.
    6 Passage of Shadows: Attempt to force a creature through a solid object.

    Darkened Alleys
    4 Fearful Gloom: Area of shadow causes [fear] in all who enter.
    5 Sickening Shadow: Area of shadow causes illness in all who enter.
    6 Deadly Shade: Area of shadow enhances or dampens damage dealt within.

    Darkened Wards
    4 Shadow Fortification: Create a magical fortification in your surroundings.
    5 Wall of Darkness: Create an unbreakable barrier.
    6 Dark aura: Aura of [fear] repels your enemies.

    Ebon Contingency
    4 Ensnaring Aura: Prevent creatures from leaving a certain area.
    5 Destructive Ward: Damage anyone who touches an object or passes through a portal.
    6 Antimagic Burst: Trap triggers a brief dead magic zone.

    Ebon Roads
    4 Step into Shadow: Short-range travel through shadow.
    5 Pass into Shadow: As the spell plane shift, but must involve the Realm of Shadow.
    6 Voyage into Shadow: As the spell shadow walk, but faster.

    [b]Elemental Shadows
    4 Aura of Shade: Subject is protected from [cold] and deals [cold] damage with attacks.
    5 Dark Air or Water: As the spell control winds or control water.
    6 Shadow Storm: Arcs of [cold] and [electricity] strike multiple targets.

    [b]Grim Reminder
    4 Insert Memory: Insert a favorable memory of yourself into a target's memory.
    5 Fog of Memory: Thin fog acts as mind fog but allows creatures to hide within it.
    6 Manipulate Memory: as modify memory, except modifies a longer stretch of memory.

    Infinite Eyes
    4 Shadow Awareness: Gain uncanny dodge and awareness of nearby creatures.
    5 Insidious Paranoia: Read the thoughts of those who wander too close.
    6 Contingent Shadow: Cast 1 mystery as an immediate action.

    Midnight Savagery
    4 Torment Nature: Torment the minds of animals and possibly other beings.
    5 Primal Surge: Temporarily boost one or all of a target's physical abilities.
    6 Beast Within: Gain bite and claw attacks, a pounce attack, and a [fear]-inspiring coup de grace.

    Midnight Secret
    4 Forgotten Secret: Render one target immune to [divination] or make one fact harder to discover.
    5 Haunting Secrets: Foes are [confused] or [shaken] with terrible secrets as your mind fortifies itself. When the mystery fades, one final secret is left for you.
    6 Unearth Secrets: Learn the answer to one question about an object, question, or person you are familiar with.

    Nightmarish Domain
    4 Nightmarish Mist: Dark mist causes escalating [fear] in your foes.

    One with Shadow
    4 Shadow Vivisection: Touch attack [stuns] target and deals Dexterity damage.
    5 Shadow Well: Subject enters gloomy pocket plane and emerges frightened.
    6 Shadow Form: Become invisible in darkness and pass through thin barriers.

    Shadow’s Shield
    4 Dark Resilience: Gain resistance towards whatever energy afflicts you.
    5 Blade Denied: Resist and combat against mundane attacks.
    6 Umbral Immunity: Shadows grant temporary immunity to various effects.

    Twilight Conspiracy
    4 Insidious Paranoia: Creatures suffer from distracting paranoia.
    5 Ubiquitous Shadow: Create telepathic and sensory link between targets. Damage also crosses the link.
    6 Dark Insinuation: Instill a suggestion in the target to be triggered later.

    Twilight Lore
    4 Ebon Premonition: Predict whether you will accomplish your goal.
    5 Answers Unbidden: The next time you fail at a task, shadow gives you a helping hand.
    6 Spun of Myth: Use shadow to discover old legends.

    Twisted Mockery
    4 Warp Body: Warp one creature for better and worse.
    5 Walking Dead: Animate the dead.
    6 Twisted Summons: Summon one creature and warp it into other creatures.

    Umbral Mass
    4 Mass of Shadows: Creature becomes nimble and lithe.
    5 Shadow Alteration: Target becomes a creature of darkness.
    6 Dark Transformation: transform yourself into another creature.

    Unbinding Shade
    4 Shadows Fade: As the spell dispel magic.
    5 Unravel Dweomer: As the spell break enchantment.
    6 Shadows Fade, Greater: As the spell greater dispel magic.

    Veil of Shadows
    4 Shadow Vision: Subject takes penalties on most actions and has 50% miss chance.
    5 Curtain of Shadows: Block line of sight and deal [cold] damage.
    6 Unveil: Remove many adverse conditions.

    Voice of Night
    4 Call to Twilight: Contact any individual.
    5 Contact Night: Ask questions of the night.
    6 Call of Madness: Foe becomes a screaming lunatic.


    Ancient Ward
    7 Symbol of Whelming: Create a symbol that can knock out foes.
    8 Create Mystery Turret: Create a small but powerful trap.
    9 Ward of Reflection: Make a less powerful but resilient copy of a foe.

    Black Sun
    7 Revealing Light: Reveal all falsehoods but limit range of sight through blinding light.
    8 Black Pyre: One creature is dealt 1d6 [cold] damage/level, gains life blindness.
    9 Eclipse: Covers the area in shadowy illumination. [Light] spells are impeded. Creatures react in odd ways.

    Blackened Sky
    7 Shadowed Landscape: Cover landscape in deep shadows.
    8 Shadow Weather: Cover landscape in illusory weather.
    9 Rebellion of Nature: Force landscape to attack your foes.

    Breath of Twilight
    7 Life Fades, Greater: As the mystery life fades, but more potent and affecting more subjects.
    8 Flesh Fails, Greater: As the mystery flesh fails, but more potent and affecting more subjects.
    9 Ephemeral Storm: Targets must save or die, success results in 5d6 damage.

    Call to Darkness
    7 Awaken Shadows: Aura of semi-real shadows [immobilizes] and damages foes.
    8 Call Nightwing: Summon a nightwing to fight for you.
    9 Freezing Rift: Create a portal to the realm of shadows that is surrounded by an area of extreme cold.

    Castle of Darkness
    7 Shadow Sanctum: Create a small area to call your sanctum
    8 Shadow Guardians: Create a small number of illusory guards
    9 Umbral Citadel: Creates a castle according to your specifications.

    Dark Dreams
    7 Treacherous Hoard: Weigh down your opponents with treasure and possibly turn them into treasure.
    8 Lengthened Shade: Steal one’s life to safeguard your own.
    9 Desires Manifest: Create varied and wondrous effects.

    Dark Metamorphosis
    7 Ephemeral Image: Create a shadow duplicate through which you can cast your magic.
    8 Umbral Body: Transform into an [incorporeal] being of shadow.
    9 Shadow Time: Act freely for 3 rounds.

    Dark Wasting
    7 Entropic Slime: Create one pool of poison or acid/2 levels. Fumes may nauseate nearby creatures.
    8 Volcanic Ruin: Lava jets and steam vents erupt from terrain as you command.
    9 Dust to Dust: Winds of time lay waste to all within a large area.

    Darkness Undying
    7 Deathless One: Damage alone cannot kill or knock unconscious one target for 3 rounds.
    8 False Invigoration: You gain 100 temporary hit points but lose 5 hit points each round.
    9 Dark Revival: Revive one target temporarily, possibly permanently.

    Ebon Truth
    7 Maddening Truth: Impart a bit of the truth to all nearby, ruining their psyche and possibly driving them insane.
    8 Truth Beyond Truth: control the threads of fate, protecting yourself but with grave consequences.
    9 Absolute Truth: impart absolute truth to all who are nearby, killing or otherwise harming them.

    Ebon Walls
    7 Prison of Night: Entrap subject in a shadow prison.
    8 Tomb of Night: Prison of shadow drains levels from subject inside.
    9 Consume Essence: Slay creature and instantly reanimate it as a dark creature under your control.

    Endless Void
    7 Darkness of the Mind: Invoke the darkness in your targets’ minds to consume them.
    8 Twilight Gap: Travel through an infinite web of nothingness.
    9 Immortal Shadow: Temporarily stop and regress the aging process for yourself.

    Eternal Servitude
    7 Unshakable Quest: As quest, except harder to dispel, harder to give up, and shorter casting time.
    8 Oppressive Bindings: Slowly take away a creature's ability to fight you.
    9 Neverending Service: As quest, except of indefinite duration. One completed quest leads to a new one.

    Eventide Battleground
    7 Control Battlefield: Greatly aid all allies and hinder all enemies in a large area.
    9 Shadow Landscape: Makes natural terrain more dangerous, creates guardians that you command.

    Eyes of the Night Sky
    7 Truth Revealed: As the spell true seeing, with additional, but possibly misleading, information.
    8 Far Sight: As the spell greater scrying, in conjunction with the mystery truth revealed.
    9 Reflections of Things to Come: Gain limited insight into the future.

    Heart and Soul
    7 Dark Soul: Compel a subject to attack a target of your choice.
    8 Soul Puppet: As the spell dominate monster.
    9 Shadow Surge: As the spell dominate monster, but affects multiple targets for 1 round.

    Midnight Athenaeum
    7 Seek the Lost: As discern location, except the target must have been viewed within the past 24 hours.
    8 Conjure Codex: conjure a spellbook containing a limited number spells that you alone can cast.
    9 Dark Athenaeum: Shadow library enhances Knowledge checks, vanishes if immersed in sunlight.

    One with Naught
    7 Thought of Oblivion: Destroy one item or construct.
    8 Shadow Sequestration: Temporarily banish one creature from reality.
    9 Transcend Mortality: Briefly become one with shadow before dispersing into nothingness.

    Penumbral Master
    7 Umbral Explosion: Use multiple mysteries simultaneously.
    8 Dark Transfiguration: Exchange daily uses of your mysteries.
    9 Shadow Absorption: Absorb spells and mysteries and harness their power.

    Shadow Calling
    7 Summon Umbral Servant: Summon shadow elementals to serve you.
    8 Shadow Plague: A cloud of shadow energy deals 4d6 [cold] damage/round.
    9 Army of Shadow: Summon shadow elementals to serve you.

    7 Grasping Shadows: Tendrils grapple foes and cause [blindness].
    8 Menagerie of Darkness: Transform nearby animals and vermin into shadow creatures and gain control over them.
    9 Black Labyrinth: Shift portions of the real world into Shadow and vice-versa, creating a bewildering array of effects.

    Shower of Shadows
    7 Frigid Orbs: Launch small orbs of [cold] and [negative energy].
    8 Falling Sky: Propel frozen meteors down from the heavens.
    9 Disastrous Orbs: Launch volleys of orbs of [cold] and [negative energy].
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