Spoiler: Feats for shadowcaster characters
The mystery you choose becomes easier to cast.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast mysteries.
Benefit: Choose a mystery you know. You cast that mystery as a supernatural ability instead of a spell-like ability. If you choose a mystery that you can already cast as a supernatural ability, or if you later gain the ability to cast that mystery as a supernatural ability, you gain an extra use of that mystery per day.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. When you take the feat again, you can choose to affect the same mystery or a different one.

You have learned to blend your shadowcrafting talent with the shadow magic of your shadowcaster training.
Prerequisites: Midnight Strike, ability to manifest 2nd level shadowcaster mysteries
Benefit: Your shadowcaster and shadowcrafter levels stack when determining your shadowcaster caster level and number of mysteries known and prepared, and when determining your shadowcrafter manifester level and how many augments you can ready at once. Whenever you would gain the Sustaining Shadow feature or an improvement to that feature, you may instead choose to encourage the taint of shadow within you to spread, and gain access to the next highest grade of shadowcrafter augment (lesser, greater, etc.). This delays your progression in the Sustaining Shadow feature (you don't skip over the feature you forfeited).