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You know what I don't get? People who go to a place where people who like something congregate, then publically proclaim they don't like that thing that many others there like. I'll bet the OP goes to concerts and just stands around on the fringe saying "nope... don't like this type of music at all, nosireebob. This "music" they're playing? Blah - it's just noise."

Dude. Buddy. Skipper. Ace. We don't care that you don't like it. We (and I'm comfortable speaking on behalf of all the Erfworld Idiots - thanks for the permission guys!) just don't care that you're not a fan. We don't. It's okay. You don't need to enjoy it. That just leaves more enjoyment for the rest of us. Mmm mmm! That's some savory enjoyment right there.

So please. The next time one of you super awesome people feels the burning need to tell us something we neither want nor need to know, just go ahead and keep that big super cool batch of thought right up in your lil ole' noggin, mmkay? Because sometimes it's good to have an inner monologue, and not spew out every little idea that bounces around inside your head. Thanks a bunch!
I'm pretty sure the forum is open for opinions, whether criticism or flattery, and telling someone to shut up is a warning offense.