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I addressed unconstructive criticism with an unconstructive suggestion. And, you'll note, my opinion that the OP's opinion is essentially unneeded is equally as valid as the OP's.
You made a forum offense, and as far as I can tell, he didn't. He criticized the humour of a comic, you criticized the poster. I'm not a mod, my comment was just a heads up that, "Hey, don't be surprised if you get a warning."

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Look - everyone is entitled to an opinion, sure. But please explain to me what in God's name is the point in going to a forum primarily populated by Erfworld fans and making a comment as essentially useless as "hey Erfworld author! X idea you had was lame! KTHXBAI!" How does it broaden the discussion? How does it enrich the mind? What purpose did it serve other than to promote inflammatory responses?
It's a valid criticism, even if it isn't constructive. Zabron may even be a fan of the comic as a whole, and just took issue with one aspect. What's the point? Well, if the authors want to make a good comic, they need to know what doesn't work as well as what does. Not everyone's going to agree, but it seems your comment was addressed more to the fact that Zabron expressed a minority opinion than the idea that it wasn't valid.

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Let's be honest. The OP is nothing more than a forum twoll.
That could be true. I don't spend much time on the Erfworld part of the forum, so I don't know Zabron's posting history. I don't want to get into a whole thing over this, as I said, it was just a heads up and a suggestion to maybe browse over the rules again.

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