Time to add my two cents. I'm Toric, and I'm and Erfworld Idiot. (Hi, Toric!) I don't mind people saying they don't find Erfworld funny. That's fine, you've all got the right to not laugh. What irks me is saying that the humor presented in the comic is not - and never was - funny. Some of the posters on page 1 pointed this out: what's ticking everybody off isn't that the guy is saying Erfworld isn't making him laugh, but that he's implying that the phrase "ORLY" never elicited so much as a chuckle throughout any time and that the author is a no-talent hack for having attempted to make a joke using it. The OP jumped from the assertion that he didn't find it funny to the assertion that nobody aside from the author thought it was funny.

In short, if you want to give your opinion, go right ahead more power to ya, just don't state it like it's a universal fact.