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    Default Lords of Creation, Spawn of the Everlord (Out of character.. Or out of this world?!?)

    This is the ooc thread for Lords Of Creation, Spawn of the Everlord. If anyone knows how to make a chart, and is willing to do so for all the gods, then I'll upload it in the post beneath this one.

    Spoiler: Everything

    Lords of Creation (LoC for short) is a message board game. We are on a message board, and it is a game. That much should be obvious. As a player, you control a god - designed and role-played through your writing - in an epic collaborative storytelling experience. Together with the other players and their gods, you will shape a setting - create mortals, land, nations, concepts... whatever strikes your fancy. It should be stressed that the goal of this game - much like D&D, upon which it is loosely based - is not to 'win'. The goal is to weave an epic tale of gods and heroes and the forging of a world.

    What separates LoC from a free-form RPG is that it has rules. The 'core mechanic' of the game - the Action Point, or AP - functions much like its namesake; the Action of many tabletop games. By spending AP, your god can shape the world to their whims... or bring ruin to the works of an enemy god.


    The Core Mechanic- Action Points

    Action Points are gained at each rollover, in a quantity based on your deity’s Divine Rank. A god may store AP up to what it says in the chart below. AP that would be gained over this threshold is lost irrevocably. These action points may be spent on Divine Actions, which are the primary means by which you can influence the setting.

    Rollover occurs at 2:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM GMT) on Saturday of each week.

    Starting AP

    Players begin the game with 15 AP, as a Fledgling deity. Players begin accumulating AP normally at their first rollover.

    Divine Rank Chart

    Rank Name
    Weekly AP
    Maximum Infusions
    Required Domains/Portfolios
    Max AP
    Fledgling Deity 4 3 2 15
    Lesser Deity 5 4 4 20
    Intermediate Deity 6 5 6 25
    Greater Deity 7 6 8 30
    Elder Deity 8 7 11 35


    • Rank Name: Self-explanatory.
    • Weekly AP: This is the amount of AP the god accumulates each week at rollover.
    • Maximum Infusions: This is the number of creations your god can have simultaneously infused with their divine essence through the Infuse Divinity action.
    • Required Domains/Portfolios: This is the number of Domain/Portfolio pairs a god needs to achieve this rank. Upon reaching this number, a god immediately advances to this rank. No action is necessary beyond the gaining of the domains themselves.
    • Max AP: This is the maximum AP that a god can store; any gained over this limit is irrevocably lost.

    Deific Apathy

    Gods that slumber for millennia cease to exist – they become mere dreams and lore, stories that may have been. In game play terms that means that a God that is inactive for 3 weeks ceases to exist – yet everything that deity created remains to continue the story. Remaining gods may target the remaining creations without the absent player’s permission.

    AP Actions

    Create Animal/Monstrous Life AP 1
    Create either animals or monsters. Monstrous races are incapable of forming societies due to their nature.

    Create Mundane Life AP 2
    Creates a new form of creature or race. This action does not organize the creatures it creates with any sort of society or government – use Form Organization for that. This action can also be used to create constructs, undead, spirits, or any other form of being – it need not strictly be life. Races created by this action cannot be completely eliminated or otherwise permanently removed from the game without the permission of the player who created them. But whole societies can be destroyed through random conflict resolution with another society, group, or hero. Races can however be harmed or aided by Bless or Curse actions.

    Create Magical Life AP 3
    Anything special but not incredibly overpowered, think stuff like High-Elves etc, can use up to Magical Concepts

    Create Fabled Life AP 4
    This is reserved for the creation of Dragons, Demons, and Angels, Life that is itself legendary - simply by being alive. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of Create Life

    Bless/ Curse AP 1
    Bless brings a beneficial effect to a targeted group. Curse brings a harmful effect to a targeted group. This effect can be absolutely anything imaginable, from something as simple as giving a land good harvests year after year to something as incredible as raising every soldier who died in a decades-long war. A curse can create a Decades long war or a deadly epidemic.

    To cancel another’s player Bless/Curse you must use an equal amount of Bless/Curse actions plus one. So to cancel 1 bless, you must use 2 curses, and the original player to re-bless the target must spend 3 bless actions… this is to prevent back and forth bless/curse ‘wars.’

    Create Lesser Concept AP 1
    Concepts introduced by this action may be affected by blesses, curses, or even the introduction of other concepts. This action should not be mistaken for a prerequisite of social advancement – a society needs no Create Concept to discover such things as slate roofing, silverware, a style of government, or other basics or trivialities. Nor do they need to be used to expand upon existing ideas unless the expansion differs significantly in power or concept. Concepts introduced by this action may reach as small or wide an audience as the creator desires, ranging from a single individual to everyone in the world. A group cannot have a concept forcibly introduced if the player controlling it does not want it (But another player can create a concept and then forcibly introduce it by using a curse action) and other player’s creations cannot ‘steal’ a created concept for themselves without the permission of the player who created it unless they also spend the AP to create the concept for their followers.

    Create Advanced Concept AP 2
    This action is used to create concepts that aren't lesser. For example, this can be for masonry, shipbuilding, advanced weaponry along with a multitude of other things, including anything with steampunk!

    Create Magical Concept AP 3
    This action is used to create concepts that are magical. Essentially, you wish to create a type of magic? Then use this action for that. For example - you wish to create a healing magic for your clerical society. Done.

    Create Fabled Concept AP 4
    This action is used to create supernatural or extraordinary concepts – while Lesser concepts may include extremely limited forms of magic and technology, Fabled Concept is used for the creation of Miraculous concepts such as; the industrial revolution and necromancy.

    Alter Land AP 1
    Alter Land warps an existing land into a different form of terrain. Mundane flora and fauna are assumed to die off and be replaced by such more suitable to the new climate, but beings created by Create Life are assumed to adapt reasonably well to their new conditions. Alter Land can be countered by another alter land.

    To cancel another’s player Alter Land you must use an equal amount of Alter Land actions plus one. So to cancel 1 Alter Land, you must use 2 Alter Land, and the original player to re- Alter Land the target must spend 3 Alter Land actions… this is to prevent back and forth Alter Land ‘wars.’
    Raise Hero AP 4
    Raises a mortal creature to heroic status. A Hero cannot be slain or otherwise removed from the game without being destroyed through random conflict resolution with another society or another Hero or with the permission of the controlling player. A hero could instead be given a tiny shard of divinity. This can raise an already mighty entity to something nearly a demigod in its own right. Some gods go so far as to turn those infused into little more than puppets dancing on divine strings – earthly avatars for their master to walk upon a world barred to them. There is no objective difference between a Hero or an Exarch/Avatar, but players are encouraged to make an in-story distinction.

    Form Organization/Society AP 2
    This action allows one to arrange their creations into groups more coherent than the simple hunter-gatherer tribes or roving monsters they default to – this action needs to be used to create a society, otherwise a race would be scattered and disorganized.This can also be used to define notable sub-organizations into distinct entities. An organization/society can destroy another organization/society through random conflict resolution.

    You can, of course use this action to create sub groups within an existing group.
    Craft Artifact/Relics AP 4
    Artifacts are individual items of power. Some are wielded by individual mortals, like a legendary blade of kings, while others fill more inventive roles. Artifacts do not have the power to actually function on the same scale as divinities – but they can have almost any abilities imaginable in the mortal realm. Artifacts are mighty mortal instruments, but Relics are the tools of the gods. There is almost no limit to the powers a Relic may hold. As a Rule artifacts are placed in mortal hands, but Relics are the personal tools of the gods.

    You may be extremely creative with your Artifacts and Relics but you may use them to give a particular person or a god a combat bonus. The total bonuses from different Artifact/Relics held by a single mortal or deity can’t exceed +2.

    Ex. 1: A deity can create a Holy Relic for himself that gives him a +2 modifier in Random conflict resolution
    Ex. 2: A deity can create a Holy Artifact for his mortal followers that gives an individual person a +2 modifier in Random conflict resolution
    Please note however you MUST label the created object an Artifact or a Relic. Relics are too powerful for any mortal no matter how strong to use, and Artifacts are too weak to handle the will of the Divine.

    It takes the same amount of AP to break an artifact/relic as it takes to create (4 AP), but you can't do something to another gods possessions without either rolling or agreeing about it earlier.

    Modifying an artifact/relic's purpose only costs 2 AP. You can't increase it's modifier bonus, you only change it's function.

    Instead of a modifier bonus an artifact can act as a localized permanent Curse/Bless effect.

    If you have any questions about a creative artifact you're thinking of, run it by the mods or the OoC first.

    Create Land AP 2
    Raises new land to the world. Created land has whatever climate or biosphere the creator wishes, and contains any mundane flora and fauna that would fit that biome. This action can also be used to render inhabitable a section of otherwise-barren seafloor, carve out tunnels into bedrock, etc – it need not strictly be land. However, it cannot be used to change another player's land into a different sort of terrain – use the Alter Terrain action for that

    Weave Plane AP 4
    Draws forth a new plane of existence from the fabric of the world – important, as gods cannot set foot upon the Material itself, their own divine sparks barring them entry through forces even the greatest scholars cannot comprehend. A plane is a finite entity, almost never larger than the world itself and often smaller by a wide margin. Not only do such realms reflect their masters, they actually respond to their active will in a fashion. This effect allow them to reshape their plane’s terrain essentially at will, however, any outside application of AP will override and suspend this effect until countered. Planes can be targeted by divine actions in a manner identical to the Material – both by their creator and others. Players are advised that the Create Plane actions is not designed to give them an impregnable fortress of power, but to create a realm of otherworldly wonder and a home of divinity.

    Gather Pantheon AP 2
    To form a pantheon, one deity must make the Gather Pantheon action. This god has admin rights to the pantheon, Admin actions means the creator of the pantheon can expel any member of the pantheon at will. Two other gods must join this pantheon framework for the pantheon to gain any benefits. Each member of the Pantheon gains 1 AP per three members – which they can use however they like but doesn’t count towards Gain domain actions. . If the pantheon drops below three members, this AP ceases to function. This AP is renewed every Thursday - it does not roll over.

    Join Pantheon AP 1
    Attune yourself to an existing Pantheon. Doing so instantly severs your ties to any pantheon you were previously attuned to.

    Gain Domain AP 3
    The Gain Domain action allows a god to gain an additional domain and an accompanying portfolio element. The god must first have spent 7AP worth of AP on things related to the domain they wish to gain. The Gain Domain action may never be used to qualify for a domain, but any other action can be. Only AP gained from rollover or your starting AP counts - Pantheon AP never aids in qualifying for a domain.

    Divine Infusion AP 2
    A deity may greatly empower one of their creations by placing a fragment of their own essence into it. A god may only infuse a set number of creations at once, based on their divine rank. Each use of this ability counts against the limit, no matter the form you choose. A god may release an infusion at any time, freeing up a slot in their infusion pool (this does not destroy the infused entity, merely reverts it to its uninfused status). Divine Infusion grants a race, organization, artifact, hero a ‘combat bonus’ when it comes to random conflict resolution.

    Randomized Conflict Resolution

    Players are encouraged to negotiate out any conflicts that arise. Should this fail, the players may either seek mod arbitrating and/or may roll randomly to determine the outcome. Such random resolutions of divine conflict use a d10 roll. If the conflict is a direct battle between deities, each god may also add their divine caste to the roll, with a fledgling adding 1, a lesser 2, etc.

    The winner of the roll is considered to have won whatever conflict was at stake in the manner they wish to have won it. The results of a divine combat are to be respected and roleplayed accordingly. DO NOT ignore the winner's decision on how it goes. Your god may not be permanently out, but a divine combat is more than just the moves taken. It represents two divine wills and essences directly conflicting and losing one is no light matter. (For example the winner may imprison the loser, temporarily, or even steal all of his relics)

    A player who loses a divine combat may not initiate combat with the other god until after the next rollover.

    The same type of battle happens on the mortal realm. Again Players are encouraged to negotiate out any conflicts that arise. But…

    Belonging in an organization grants a +1 Bonus. Being part of a Greater race grants a +2 Bonus. Being a Hero Grants a +2 Bonus. Each Infusion Grants a + 2 bonus.

    Races can’t fight against other races, they must fight against some society/organization or individual in general. In order to attempt to commit genocide use a create greater concept and engage in deific battle, with the opposing god given a modifier equal to the greatest hero under his or her control (if not hero then organization if not organization then race).

    Spoiler: Examples
    E.x. 1: Humans (Not infused) fight against the Fey (infused). The Fey would have a +2 modifier bonus.

    E.x. 2: Human (Not Infused) Empire (+1 Bonus, Not infused) Templar (+3 Bonus, Infused) against a wild Fey Hero of legend (+6 (Infused race + infused Hero). The Human Templars of the Empire would have a -2 disadvantage.

    E.x. 3:Human (Not Infused) Empire (+1 Bonus, Not infused) Templar (+3 Bonus, Infused) Paladin (+2 hero, not infused) against a wild Fey Hero of legend (+6 (Infused race + infused Hero). Equal! The Head of the organization mandated by their god to defend the humans against the wild creature from legend. Makes sense – the hero is not himself a divine hero, but he can beat demi-god opponent due to the weight of the hopes of his entire peoples.

    E.x. 4: The Devil (an elder deity), wants to kill all the humans (reference to the above example). The god of the humans (Fledgling Deity). He would need to spend 4 AP first and then engage in battle with the Human god. The devil has a +5 Modifier, the human god will have +1 from being a Fledging diety and a + 6 from the account of the paladin’s accrued bonuses so it would be +5 vs +7. Genocide is extremely hard to accomplish

    Group Combat: Equal vs equal: Roll 1d10+bonuses, highest roll wins. The issue comes when you want to mix different classes. You could just go for no mixing, so only have gods fight gods and heroes fight heroes. Mass combat could be handled by summing the total bonuses on both sides and then adding 1d10.

    Additional Mod Rules:

    1) A being can only belong to one Infused Orginization: The whole purpose of infusion of orginization is divine mandate - you can't have more that one god given purpose. If a being belongs to an infused organization and another uninfused organization then next time there is RCR, that beings player must chose which organization that being receives its bonuses from, and must exclude the other. Yes this does create an interesting way to weaken a being that belongs an infused organization and another uninfused organization: before 2nd infusion he has +3 from the infused organization and +1 from the uninfused organization, after the 2nd infusion the player must pick only one divine mandate so the being would only receive a +3 from the infused organization

    2) A being can belong to a max of 3 organizations (this number is arbitrary).

    3) There is only an additional combat bonus if you infuse an artifacts/relics which grants a combat bonus. So you can infuse an artifact/relic which doesn't grant a bonus, but you wont get a bonus from doing so. Note: be creative with your artifacts or relics, they don't have to be simply weapons.

    Deity Application

    Lords of Creation is always recruiting, and anybody can join. All deities must be approved by the game’s mod/s to ensure that they will not overlap an existing god and will contribute meaningfully to the game. Outside myself as a mod, the first 7 players to join will be born from the creator and will have no parents. Every player after that MUST be born from another god. Your god will need to arise from another god somehow and not just “poof” into existence. We will work with you to find a suitable “parent” god - if you have one in mind already; by all means let me know.

    Two mods need to approve an application. This means you can't be approved until we get atleast one other mod.

    If you do not use the format presented below, the mods will ask you to put it in this format before approving it.

    Warning: Try to stay away from destiny, time and soul based domains. I'm told destiny and time can get ugly, and I've seen first hand how peeved actual players get when you bring the souls of their creations into the mix. If you DO bring in anything too closely related to those three, then I'll probably leave it up to the other mods, who are (hopefully) going to be more experienced than me.

    Name, Optional Epithet
    Played By: Player Name
    Domains and Portfolios: Domain (Portfolio), Domain (Portfolio)
    Alignment: Lawful good to Chaotic Evil
    Description: A brief description of your god.


    Name: Something we can take seriously, please.
    Played By: Your name.
    Domains and Portfolios: You begin play with two domains, each with an associated portfolio. Two gods may not have the same domain and portfolios as another.
    Alignment: Lawful good to Chaotic Evil (As long as you justify your goals and personality to the initial alignment it can be a weird and as blue and orange as you want)
    Description: This is by far the most important aspect of an application. Keep it short enough to be easy to read, but be sure to include enough detail to give us an idea who your god it. Two paragraphs or so is sufficient. Please note that your god will need to arise from another god somehow and not just “poof” into existence, unless you're one of the original seven gods. We will work with you to find a suitable “parent” god - if you have one in mind already, by all means let us know.


    The objective of Lords of Creation is to allow the players to create a world for a playable campaign, while weaving an interesting and original story. It is important to understand that this is not a 'God Campaign' but a form of collaborative storytelling and world-building. If your objective is to create a god simply to show off how great you are at other players’ expense, then this is not the game for you.

    Spoiler: List of Etiquette Rules
    1. Gods are not omnipotent.
    While you are playing a deity, you should not forget that you are still one of many. There are limits on what a god is capable of.

    2. Gods are not omniscient.
    A deity is limited to what information they can gather through observation or intelligence, just as any powerful being. They are generally assumed to be able to be able find and observe anything on the Material that they wish, but they can still be surprised or caught unawares by things they aren’t paying attention to. A special note here is that things related to a god's domain allow them a vague and general sense of that element but not enough to gather specific details.

    3. Godmodding is to be avoided
    For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, godmodding is, in short, assuming control of another player's characters or creations. In a game of this scale, sometimes it can be impossible to entirely avoid godmodding, but it should be kept to a minimum whenever possible. Remember, planning ahead with other players is the best way to avoid godmodding!

    4. You are not ‘invulnerable’.
    Although many actions in LoC are unable to be completely destroyed by another, simply smugly saying “they get better” is not a means of making you invulnerable. All it does is alienate you from your fellow players and make them inclined to ignore you.

    5. Consider your fellow players.
    You are not the only person trying to establish characters and write a story – everyone has their own plots and plans. Interaction between players is actively encouraged, but simply harassing them is not. Just as ignoring a player’s attacks on your own creations is frowned upon, repeatedly assaulting a player’s creations with no real purpose other than to keep them from playing is griefing, and will not be tolerated.

    6. Time is flexible
    Time to a god's eyes is not the same as that of a mortal's eyes. In essence, there is no “standardized” timeline. Rollovers do not necessarily represent any specific span of time. There have been some instances where mere hours pass IC in one RL week and others where centuries pass in a single post. Stay flexible.

    7. Communication, communication, communication!
    You cannot be too open. The more you plan with other players, the smoother the game gets. Surprising people can be fun, but people can’t work with you if they don’t know what you’re up to. Using the OOC thread or other communication helps a lot.

    8. Respect the MODs
    The MODs of this LoC are here to help the players, not bully them. We oversee all the details it takes to keep this game running from maintaining the roster and world map to rules arbitration and catching cheaters. If we ask for your cooperation as MODs, please give it to us.

    9. Keep the OOC clean
    If you have an issue with something or someone, do not go to the OOC to cry/whine or make a big issue out of it. That's the whole reason the MODs were picked. To keep conflicts out of the OOC. They make the atmosphere oppressive, they make things less fun, and generally unpleasant and maybe even make the arguments larger than they need be. So if you do have a complaint, either PM the offending party or ask a MOD to mediate on the issue. If you have a problem with a MOD, or have a reason to distrust a MOD, simply send the message to another MOD.

    10. Don’t argue over power levels, instead refer to Random Conflict Resolution and roll a die!

    Newbie Tips

    Here are a couple tips that can help you get established in the game world and set you on the right track.
    1. Simply by merit of your god’s origin, you should have a connection to at least one other deity in your progenitor. Not only is having an ally useful in game terms, but writing tends to be much easier with a partner (or enemy) or two.
    2. Early on, be careful to set yourself up with something to do between rollovers. It is boring to end up blowing all your starting ap on something and then not being able to do stuff for a week. Try to create something permanent and lasting you can rp with in the mortal realm to combat this problem.
    3. Don’t create to many Hero’s or mortal characters – it’s hard to keep track of them all and rp them as individuals.

    If you are having any issues or wondering about a certain aspect of the game, feel free to inbox me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    The First World of the Material Plane

    The game starts with the creator, creating the original 7 gods, and a blank world. It is up to the gods to populate it, shape it, and sustain it.

    Only Fledgling gods may actually stand upon this world. As soon as a deity ascends to lesser god, they are barred from touching the first world, through incomprehensible forces.

    The gods though are not barred from any other worlds in the prime material plane that might be created...

    Mod List: AddZable, Darklady2831

    IC Thread here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...3#post17903643
    Recruitment Thread here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...9#post17886181
    SOTEL Wiki here: https://lords-of-creation-spawn-of-t...ikis/home-page
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