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    Default Re: Lords of Creation, Spawn of the Everlord (Out of character.. Or out of this world

    God's Name Player Name Domains Alignment
    Uelticrat Addzable Animal (Vermin), Magic (Undeath) Neutral Evil
    Skyen Darth Arminius Sky (Storm), Love (Family) Neutral Good/Lawful Good
    Nergath Darklady2831 Death (Souls of the Dead), Law (Divinity) Lawful Evil
    Fáin Kapow Freedom (Travel), Protection (Hospitality) Chaotic Good/Neutral Good
    Sahu Anubis Dread Water (Darkness), War (Slaughter) Chaotic Evil
    Mazathustra RavenStarver Civilization (Politics), Wealth (Commerce) Neutral Good
    Her Luminance Phobia Fire (Light), Order (Control) Lawful Neutral
    Sunev Rolias sean_hyer Nature (Beauty), Love (Joy) Chaotic Good
    Alcandor Ballard Fan Sun (Energy), Strength (Courage) Neutral Good
    Mirmulnir Eldamar Knowledge (Secrets), Magic (Forbidden) Chaotic Neutral
    Maya Inspector Valin Luck (Chance), Games (Strategy) Chaotic Good
    Uyani ImNotTrevor Healing (Restful Dreams), Madness (Nightmares) True Neutral
    Baloma Eshkiga Inspiration (Artifice), Metal (Protection) Neutral Good
    Ethidras MichaelGoldclaw Dragons (Good Dragons), Magic (Light) Chaotic Good
    Syrid squidpope Good (Guidance), Darkness (shadow) neutral good
    Uraneth ToxicMind Water (Rivers), Sorrow (Loss) Lawful Evil

    Thanks go out to Inspector Valin for constructing the table.
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