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    Default Re: Lords of Creation, Spawn of the Everlord (Out of character.. Or out of this world

    It always happens, Add. It is the curse of LoC... one of them anyway.

    EDIT: My Deity, for posterity.

    Nergath, the Pitiless Queen, the Castellan of Gods, the Lady of Pain
    Played By: Darklady2831
    Domains (Portfolios): Death (Souls of the Dead), Law (Divinity)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Nergath is the self-proclaimed guardian of divinity; the tireless and remorseless warrior who devotes herself to keeping the boundary between God and Mortal clear. She claims the souls of the dead as her domain, using her influence over the afterlife to discourage and punish those she deems 'Faithless'. Nergath freely gives the souls claimed by her fellow gods to them, but those she judges as 'Faithless' are punished in whatever way Nergath sees fit. The Faithless, as determined by Nergath, are those who willingly forsake the gods. The Faithless are those who spurn all gods, and refuse to worship them. The Faithless are those who do not truly worship any god, even if they pay lip service to many. The Faithless are those who seek to usurp the gods by becoming one, or by living forever. The Faithless are all mortals who do not acknowledge the gods as evident, those who do not believe that gods exist, and those who do not believe that gods are greater than mortals in all ways.

    Nergath's form is not fixed, though the Lady of Pain always keeps some details the same. She always has light reddish skin, a beautiful but athletic form, saurian claws for feet, and two horns jutting from her forehead. Her horns are always sharp enough to draw blood, but they range in size and shape. Most often her horns are in one of three states. They can be nearly a foot long, curving back over her hair; curled around to the side of her head like those of a ram; or small spikes pointing up. Her hair ranges from a short pixie-cut, to long flowing locks, to ornate and elaborate braids and buns with jewellery and hairpins. In formal situations, she wears a variety of black dresses and outfits that accentuate her unnatural beauty and allow her to move freely. In battle, she wears a suit of flexible leather armor underneath a set of interlocking plates of black metal, chain mail links cover the spots that the plates cannot in order to preserve mobility.
    Spoiler: Nergath's Appearance
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