Bloody Ninja-ing.

Maya: [May-ya] The Golden Butterfly, Lady Risk, Sparrow
Played By: Inspector Valin
Domains and Portfolios: Luck (Chance), Games (Strategy)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Maya acquires names and forms quickly, taking them from mortal prayers, stories and ideas. One day she might appear as a caricature of Her Luminance, with the Lady of Light's serene expression replaced by a massive grin. The day after, she could be a destitute woman with windswept hair in Dras-Vulpes' finest casino, looking on from the corner as fortune makes some men wealthy whilst beggaring others. Priests are unsure if the Goddess of Luck even has a true form, though her fellow gods know better. To divinities, Maya takes the appearance of a young woman clad in tattered leathers and with twin swords upon her back, scabbards faded and dull. Her brown hair has a streak of blue along the front, she has a seemingly perpetual twinkle in her eye, and at her back there's always a wind blowing. Change follows Lady Risk wherever she goes, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Maya has more followers than priests; mortals invoke her name hoping the goddess will twist the odds in their favour. The Sparrow has a fondness for doing so, especially when a situation seems certain. She's the Lady of Games, and appreciates solid strategy, but Maya also loves an underdog with the courage to try and win regardless. She can't be everywhere, and can't twist every conflict in the ways she'd like, but Maya had a habit for remembering wrongs and striking back against them. Thieves Guild members offer effusive praise to her when a job goes bad; hoping to forstall her wrath. Beyond her general meddling, the Lady of Luck tends to work quietly to make the games of divinity more interesting; new races, new organizations, artifacts that can upset the balance of power in the mortal realm. Stagnation is death, and doesn't allow their races to flourish and show their full potential. An active world is an interesting world, and a happier world. Or so thinks Lady Maya, at any rate.