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Spoiler: Character: Fáin, the Lost One
Fáin, the Lost One, the First Traveler, the Wanderer

Played By: Kapow
Domains and Portfolios: Freedom (Travel), Protection (Hospitality)
Alignment: Chaotic good/Neutral tendencies

When the gods entered the world, one oft hem wandered of in the wrong direction and got lost in all the ruckus following creation.
As he wandered, he got lost in the darkness surrounding the World. This darkness seemed to change something in the divine fledgling.
As he returned to the World, was it through luck, fate or sheer randomness, Fáin‘s senses were clouded.
He did not seem to recognize his siblings (at first) and not only his body, but also his mind seemed to wander aimlessly. Visiting new places, without knowing, that he was looking for something he had lost.

Fáin is an amicable and benevolent god.
He values the freedom of travel, and every mortal adventurous to do it. He also teaches to open your home or campfire to travelers, and aid them if you can. He is especially fond of people supporting each other in the wilderness.
Mortals pray to the First Traveler for safe passage or good weather. They pray for their loved-ones to return. And travelers ask for hospitality in his name, and swear by it not to break it.
Fáin is known to quite often hear those pleas for help, at least for divine standards.
He is also known for disguising himself as mortal, to help them or hear their stories like one oft hem.
More often then not, he appears as a stout, male humanoid, with blind, milky white eyes, clad in a comfortable dressing gown and carpet slippers. It is said, that the rewards for whoever shows him charity will be generous.

Toward his divine siblings he normally acts friendly and is genuinely interested, and even if their ways are in absolute opposition to his, he remains respectfully polite.
That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t act against other deities. Freedom of travel for everyone, be it a mortal or other being, and the sanctity of hospiltality are his main concerns, and he will do nearly anything to protect and promote them.