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Thanks for the post, Vinyadan. I applied some of your changes to my version.
I think too that the choice of Tuscan accent for Durkon is not the best one available, I just used that one because it's the only one I'm familiar with. If you can render his accent with more appropriate dialect, whathever you choose, I'll leave it to you.

About the revisions, here are my replies:
-Personally speaking, "Plop!" makes me think of poo falling in the WC, not something appearing.
-I don't think V using the passive seems intellectual, more like needlessly complicated (unless that is the intended effect). The Ritengo + Conjunctive seems elegant while also natural and fluid to me.
-I think it's funnier for Durkon to have search issues despite saying the whole first word, but I'm not certain if those are actual cleric spells.
On second thought, I have to agree about the PLOP sfx

One accent I could use is the one from Brescia, the other would be ye olde German accent (a la Sturmtruppen). Let's see how feasible they are. I can look for a strip where Durkon talks a bit and try them out, and then we can try and reach a consensus. If there were any Sardinian speaker, I would gladly leave the task to him.

Anyway, here are some proposals for the translatable names. I hope there also are other ideas.

Roy Elsaverde
Haley Lucedistelle (argh)
Belkar Fogliamara /Asprafoglia /Fogliacre / Fogliaspra (Bitter leaf is an edible plant. Radicchio? Cicoria? Cicoriaceo?) (Halfling=Mezzuomo?)
Elan il Bardo
Mantorosso, or Manto Rosso
Durkon Scudotonante / Tronscudo
Argent could be called Silver in Italian.
Hylga Elmodifuoco
Porrolo Bordonvento
Signor Sciatto - Sior Rozzo
Gerard Dentedidrago
Serini Toorfango
Banjo il Clown/Pagliaccio
Il Groviglio
Hyeronimous Scotilarva
Peter Occhi D'Aquila - Peter il Cecato
Julio Furfantél