Hey guys. So if you check out the News post I just made, you can see that the fifth color compilation of OOTS strips, Blood Runs in the Family, is now available for pre-order. Also, the 2015 wall calendar, featuring the heroes of OOTS.

There will also be a special reduced shipping rate for the pre-order; you can find details about that here.

Here's a better look at the covers for each and the sample page for the calendar:

If you have questions, ask them here and I'll try to answer them (and add them back to this post).

  • Also, just a note about the reduced shipping cost thing: You need to select the option that says "Preorder Fulfillment" (either U.S. or Intl) in order to get the lowered rate. That represents a bulk shipment that Ookoodook is able to do with the pre-order because they'll know in advance how many packages are being sent at once, with the packages then getting handed off to local post offices from there.

OAQ: Once Asked Questions:

Q: Will there be tracking on the reduced pre-order shipping option?
A: There will be tracking numbers available in case your package gets lost, yes. But they won't be sent out en masse when the orders are mailed; the Ookoodook staff will have a list that they'll be able to look up with the bulk shipping company, and if your package is overdue you'll be able to contact them and they'll contact the shipper about it. But there won't be real-time internet tracking like you might be used to from USPS. For that, you'll have to select one of the more expensive options.

Q: When will books arrive in local game stores?
A: Books should arrive in the first or second week of December. This shouldn't be different for U.S. or international distributors.

Q: Will there be books or calendars still available later if I don't pre-order?
A: The book should be in print from now on, yes. The calendar, not so much. While I'm certainly going to order more than just what is pre-ordered, I got a little burned last by people swearing up and down that they would buy the calendar later in the year just for the art. I ordered a lot more than people pre-ordered, and then sales plummeted to near zero by February. So this year, we're getting maybe 200-300 more than what's pre-ordered and that's it. If it sells out before the end of the year, so be it. (Also, if anyone want's last year's calendar just for the art, it's only $3.00 on clearance!)

Q: How long will the pre-order (and the reduced shipping rates) last?
A: Until the book arrives in the Ookoodook warehouse, probably in the first week of December. We'll announce that the books are on the way as soon as they leave the printer, so watch for a "last call" for pre-orders.

Q: It doesn't look like the reduced shipping prices are much lower than the regular prices.
A: The effect is most pronounced if you're ordering a calendar or multiple books, due to the larger boxes involved. If you're just ordering one book, the difference might be under $1.00, but if you're ordering the book and the calendar together, the difference could easily be $40.00 or more. We suggest experimenting with different combinations of items, and if you know friends who were planning on ordering, pool your order for maximum savings.