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Yay, new book, new calendar and a new comic... this is a good day.

Curious though... how fast is the "Intl Preorder Fulfillment 1" shipping option?
Could not for the life of me find it over at Oki.
No idea. Not super-fast, I'd imagine, but then again, this is a pre-order: the book won't be coming out until the first week of December anyway. I'll ask Kevin from Ookoodook what he thinks the speed will be and get back to you.

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You'll have enough books available if I don't pre-order now, right? Applications and stuff have left me a bit short on cash.
The book should be in print from now on, yes.

The calendar, not so much. While I'm certainly going to order more than just what is pre-ordered, I got a little burned last by people swearing up and down that they would buy the calendar later in the year just for the art. I ordered a lot more than people pre-ordered, and then sales plummeted to near zero by February. So this year, we're getting maybe 200-300 more than what's pre-ordered and that's it. If it sells out before the end of the year, so be it. (Also, if anyone want's last year's calendar just for the art, it's only $3.00 on clearance!)