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Fair enough. That should do it. Another quick question, up until when can we preorder it?
The pre-order will last until the book arrives in the warehouse. And there will probably be announcements from us that the book has left the printer, so there will be a "Last Call" for the pre-order shipping.

Also, based on a Twitter conversation: The reduced rates seem to be much more favorable if you're getting a book and a calendar, because the bulk shipping is most effective with the larger boxes. It won't be less cash than if you just get a book, but it will be dramatically less than if you wait and order it after the pre-order. I just checked the rates to New Zealand on a book and a calendar: $31.45 now, $77.50 once the pre-order ends. Which is robbery on the part of USPS, and also why Ookoodook went through the trouble to set up the pre-order bulk shipment. Just getting the book, though, doesn't see as strong increase: $24.35 to up 24.50.