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    frown Re: 2014 OOTS Holiday Ornaments and New T-Shirts at CafePress

    Quote Originally Posted by JMFD View Post

    Forgot to order until now (my other half and I both thought the other had ordered), and the Thor ornament is out of stock :'(
    I just saw that as well. I wanted to order right now, in fact as close as possible to Christmas so the delivery wouldn't cross with me being unavailable for a few days. Please, Giant, tell us they'll be back in a few days!? Or at least that the design will be available for a little while longer? It says "temporarily out of stock" =( I already wrote to the CafePress customer service what that means, but I have no idea when I will get an answer =(
    An incomplete set makes me very unhappy!

    Edit: I just got off the phone with CafePress. (So what if it is about 3 in the morning where I live? This troubles me greatly!!) They simply ran out of round ornaments, which they have already received quite a few calls about today, and they're not exactly sure when the round ornaments will be back in stock, but most likely somewhat shortly after the holidays? They told me to check back in regularly. Unfortunately, there's no way to order the ornaments (and accept a longer wait for them) while they don't have the "hardware" in stock.
    Giant, I'm asking you to please leave the designs available until the round ornaments are back in stock and we have had the chance to order them again. I don't recall how long past Christmas one could order the other Holiday Ornaments, but as these are unforeseen circumstances, I appeal to your giant-sized heart to give us late-ordering folk the chance to order them as well! =/ Thank you very much in advance, and have great holidays!
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