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    The Story Thus Far

    Every week a summary of the events shall be added.

    Verse I: Genesis

    The Creator, that being of total chaos, did what it did. It swam through the Void and Created. In its loneliness the Creator formed a companion. This was the Playground. Thus Zalsar, First of the Three was willed into existence and the Creator saw that it finally had the companionship it had desired. Yet in a moment of carelessness, the Creator separated the elements which was Zalsar, driving the god insane. Zalsar is Zalsaram.

    In a fit of unbridled rage, Zalsaram raised its sting against the Creator who in an act of desperation called out for help. The cry for aid erupted as the Cosmic Mother, Second of the Three flew through the Void as she attempted to pluck the Creator away from Zalsaram. However her attempt to rescue the Creator cost the Cosmic Mother her left eye, as Zalsaram tore it off, the eye itself being the Sun of Winter: Phos.

    The Creator, seeing that the Cosmic Mother could not best Zalsaram willed for a better future. This will was formed as the Visionary, Third of the Three. The Visionary sensing a future in which Zalsaram was not a part of, attacked the World with intent to destroy it. As the Visionary struck the first blow against Zalsaram, the Cosmic Mother sensing an opening lent her power to the Visionary as the Second and the Third unleashed the full extent of their powers against the First.

    The Creator, seeing the destruction caused by the Three, extended his protection over the Playground, and exhausting his powers vanished.

    So it was that the First was defeated yet not killed, for Zalsaram lives and Zalsaram rages. The Second mourned her failure to save the Creator and in her grief created her First Born Bahamut while sacrificing her Right Eye to create the Sun of Summer: Oussia. The Third began its plans to finish what it had started.

    Thus the Three retreated. Zalsaram raged, the Cosmic Mother slumbered and the Visionary planned.

    Verse II: Dawn of the Playground

    Thus did Winter usher the First Divine Month. Bahamut and the Dragons were charged to guard and act as guide to the mortal races on the Playground from the land of Demiourgia which was given to them by the Cosmic Mother.

    And then the Explosion of Divinity occurred. Zalsaram's fragments, the Shepard created the world's animals while Mezzethera formed the Playgound's Oceans and began to feed upon the dreams of the Playground's creatures. And so the Demons sleep beneath the oceans, in their palaces of dread. The Product of the Visionary, Pernieth formed the First Tree as his seat. On Demiourgia, the Spawns of the Cosmic Mother, Ikino, Israken and Tiamat hatched from the same egg, while Neiag was formed as a result of their hatching. The Dragons claimed the Challenge Mountains as their seat while forming an alliance of kinship.

    Kyre crawled out of Zalsaram's Belly and brought Death onto the Playground and claimed all souls as his. He blotted out Phos' light ushering the Long Night. A night which lasted a full year and may had lasted longer had Ikino not offered Kyre a Dragon's egg as an offering. Touching the egg, Kyre killed the creature within, but feeling remorse brought it back to life as Deimos, the First Hero.

    The Explosion of Divnity came hand in hand with the Expansion of the Mortal Races. In the Void, Mianmi sang her song of creation she formed the Satyrs, Girrons, and Celue, while Iskaren created the Craast, hailing from Craast Dominus. Kyre formed the Keepers, tenders of the dark and guardians of the dead. Ignus, fragment of Zalsamar, struck the world with her hammer and formed the Burning Lands, which she gave as heritage to the Fire Genasi and began to lay the foundation of their civilization. Ikino formed the Dwarfs in the Challenge Mountain, giving authority to the Dwarf King, Sutur. The Shepard formed Humans before fading from the world. Deep in the Oceans, Mezzethera gave mortals dreams of war, greed and strife.

    Mond was the last of the gods birthed during the Explosion of Divinity.

    Zalsaram would lash against his binds when ever too many divinities would gather. The Visonary began its plans of the future by creating Mother Matron Elev Nosh, Dred Olg and the Nightmare Engines. All the while the Cosmic Mother still slumbered in the Void.

    Verse III: The Mortals Expand

    The gods watched over their creations which are known as mortals. The earliest mortal races continued to expand their civilizations under the tutelage of the gods or of their agents while new creatures and races began appearing all over the playground. While Helfarch began teaching the Humans, Ikino gave knowledge to the Dwarfs and the Kobolds. The Dragons as well, began teaching mortals how to harness the magical powers of Dragonkind.

    Israken placed the Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins who would be known as Goblinoids on Demiourgia, while creating Chimeras, Manitcors and Owlbears as a source of challenge. In the World Tree, Deimos placed the Elves to aid Pernieth's Dryads to watch over nature. However Hagatha, goddess of Suffering began persecuting the order of nature by twisting the Dark Grove, connecting the World Tree to Demiourgia, while creating Swamp life, Trouble Dreamers, Weirdroots and Spriggins, putting her on a collision course with Cassandra, Pernieth's voice made manifest.

    In the Burning lands, Ignus created the entrance to the Temple of Ignus and formed the Phoenixes. Eucle, god of Wealth formed the Vault of Plenty in his stomach while introducing currency to the Playground and taking a tribe of Humans, formed the Syndicate. Yggdrasil, goddess of Life expanded the limits of the Playground and formed the Underplayground on Zalsaram's underside.

    The end of this age was marked by Kyre, the god of Death ascending the Playground.

    Verse IV:


    The age started with Cassandra confronting Hagatha in the Dark Groove, as Hagatha continues to make a mockery out of nature. Upon Demiourgia, a new race is born as the Halflings, following Mianmi's songs travel across the lands, but they are not the only ones, as the Vagrants comprising largely of outcasts and refugees of various misfortunes, also begin their migration, while Passaer formed the Voice to act as its name implies, his voice upon the Playground. At the same time Mianmi forms the Unicorns, Centaurs and Minotaurs.

    Upon Neutral Ground, Eucle forms the Wealth Demons, Quori and the Dream Trees, while at the same time, unlocking the minds of his faithful and teaching them the ability to wield psionic powers while Helfarch gives nightmares to the Demons, these nightmares wounding the Demons when ever they wound a mortal, attracting the attention of Zalsaram's herald, the Primal Duchess. Yet Zalsaram was not the only Elder acting, for the Visionary still sought out the most powerful mortals for his Nightmare Engines.

    Meanwhile, Genzo took a tribe of Goblins known as the Aram under his wing and began turning them into fire worshiping and party loving creatures. Tiamat and the Chromatic Dragons, seeing the Chromatic Dragon's actions with their mortals, decided to follow suit and begin their domination of the Orcish clans, using nothing short than brutal conquest. The Haflings wandering across Demiourgia met with the Metallic Dragons. From the World Web, Neiag creates his own Avatar, Emperor Venom to lead the Yuan-Ti, Naga and Lizardmen upon the Burning Lands and Yggdrasil remains busy as she continues to fill the Underplayground with all sorts of animals.

    Verse V:

    This age is heralded by the founding of the Venom Empire upon the Burning Lands. Tiamat paid Kyre a visit in his hold in Eberus, and offered the Shadow Dragons as protectors of the afterlife, in return Kyre eased the Shadow Dragon's passage to the Playground by ushering the Long Night once more. Kethneciel, god of Justice is born and begins to appoint judges across the Playground while making Oussia his seat of power. In the Dark Groove, Hagatha continues her mockery of nature as she kidnaps a group of Halflings and deforms them into the Bogwarts, although they are still considered the nicest creatures one can meet within the Dark Groove. Eucle ties his body as a giant energy source at the center of Neutral Ground.

    The sanctity of death as appointed by Kyre is assaulted twice, once when Yggdrasil creates reincarnation and then when Neiag creates Clora, the goddess of Undeath who wastes no time in creating zombies, skeletons and Liches, while she begins to teach the mortals the secret to immortality. The ents are also created.

    The age closes with the Vagrants arriving in the Underplayground.
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