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    Default Re: Lords of Creation in the Playground (OOC Thread)

    Name: The Visionary
    Played By: Lady Tialait
    DR: DR6 (Lesser)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Holy/Unholy Symbol: A set of interlocking gears
    Legacy Domain: Destruction
    Alignment Domain: Law
    Primary Domain: Time
    Portfolio: Future
    Favored Weapon: Laser Gun
    Combat Rating and Paradigm:6 Caster
    Spell Pool: 18
    {O} March of Progress: The Visionary is the lord of the future, and one cannot stand before progress. Endless and relentless.
    {H} (Elemental Domain) Malice Toward the Past: Creatures of the primordial past have no place in the future, they must be destroyed.
    {D} Inevitability: The vision will come to pass, there is no resisting it. Your attacks are futile, your ideas are flawed. Your attack will fail.
    {C} Gears of War: The mechanism of combat is a simple calculation, and machinery can be lubricated to maximize success.

    Brief Description: The Visionary is the father of the future, what he sees as right and true is the only future that matters. All other ideas are pointless and wrong. The Visionary sees himself as the shepherd of creation, and it's true ruler. The future is not now, and this makes the Visionary infinitely patient. The Visionary will remind those who make him wait too long, that the void is spherical and given enough movement even the infinite will fold back upon itself getting one back where one started.

    The Visionary appears as a massive metallic city floating in the void, echos of his voice can be heard to those he wishes to speak to.
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