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    Default Re: Lords of Creation in the Playground (OOC Thread)

    Name: The Cosmic Mother
    Played by: Shmee
    Divine Rank and Paradigim: DR6 (Lesser) Divinity
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Holy/Unholy Symbol: The Draconic Constellation.
    Legacy Domain: Creation
    Alignment Domain: Chaos
    Primary Domain: Dragon
    Portfolio: Dragonkin
    Favored Weapon: Breath Weapon
    Paradigm: Divinity
    Combat Rating: 6
    {A} Breath of Creation: Dragons are feared for their Breath Weapons. None is as powerful as the Cosmic Mother's Breath Weapon which is in the form of a White Hole.
    {A} Wyrm Mother's Roar: A terrifying roar is heard throughout creation. Beware the anger of the First of Dragons.
    {A} Celestial Judgment: The favored of the Cosmic Mother can always turn to the stars in their time of need.
    {D} Aegis of the Constellations: The Constellations are myths and legends of bygone eras placed in the heavens. In turn they will respond to their creator.
    {D} Cosmic size: Due to the immense size and the nature of the Cosmic Mother, striking at her may prove a difficult task.

    Brief Description: When the Original Creator muttered a hasty plea for a mother to come in its hour of need, so was born the entity known as the Cosmic Mother. Made of the very essence of creation itself the Cosmic Mother is in fact an interstellar cloud of stars and gasses given shape in the form of what would be the first of the Dragons.

    However, as the Cosmic Mother was hastily begotten by the Original Creator Creator, the Cosmic Mother is unable to fully control her powers. Her natural urge is constantly create, and thus requires all of her willpower to put her urges under control, least her powers run wild. Yet due to to level of concentration required, it is not uncommon for the Cosmic Mother to unleash her powers should her concentration lapse even momentarily.

    Because she does not wish to overwhelm creation, and due to her sheer size which means that she could easily swallow the Playground itself, the Cosmic Mother has retreated into the deep void. Yet because of her immense size, she can be seen from the Playground by astronomers who often study the goddess' behavior. Therefore, the Cosmic Mother is a reclusive goddess, preferring to find other ways to subtly influence the mortals.

    Spoiler: The Cosmic Mother

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