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    Default Re: Lords of Creation in the Playground (OOC Thread)

    Name: Zalsaram
    Titles: The World
    Played by: Draken
    Divine Rank and Paradigim: DR 8 (Lesser) Divinity
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Holy/Unholy Symbol: A stingray carved in gemstone.
    Legacy Domain: Elements
    Alignment Domain: Evil
    Primary Domain: Force
    Secondary Domains: Earth, Fire
    Portfolios: Gravity, Calamity, Fury
    Favored Weapon: Tail
    Combat Rating: 14 [8 DR + 4 paradigm bonus +2 Combat Modifiers]
    Combat paradigm: Warrior
    {H} (Destruction domain) The World's Ruinous Power: The World will broker no defiance of his edicts. The land heaves at Zalsaram's behest and the brittle towers of the Visionary and his progeny can but crumble beneath the rise of his mountains.
    {H} (Creation domain)The World's Ravenous Pull: Cosmic dust is but what Worlds are made of. Zalsaram's gravity will inevitably devour the Cosmic Mother.
    {C} The World's All-Searing Glare: Nothing survives the attentions of the World.
    {C} The World Bleeds Fury: The World's blood is poison and fire. His wounds are lethal to all but itself.

    Brief Description: Once there was Zalsar, who was the World, a vast creature that accompanied the First Creator in its travels, kind and pacate, an eel of some sort adrift the void of space. Few are left who know how such a thing could come to pass, but Zalsar died, and its corpse came to be the nightmare Zalsaram, the World nonetheless, but a harsh and brutal one as its predecessor had never been. The First Creator was terrified of Zalsaram and begged for help, bringing forth other gods to help it. Thus was the World bound in chains as vast as itself, its cavernous maw hidden beneath the substrata of the void, its barbed tail shackled to that same deep nether, its viridian glare dazzled by the light of a sun.

    Zalsaram appears as a vast stingray in the void of space. If it could it would wander free, but it cannot. Its surface is battered by calamity and disaster. Zalsaram is the world, and nothing can change that.
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