As its surface was torn asunder, Zalsar silently rumbled, fire spreading from its wounds and winds howling on its surface, a storm brewing over it as the titanic core of the world, the very spark of the deity became exposed in its numinous radiance.

And then it turned to a prism of sickly hues.

The torn flesh of Zalsar refused to split further at the child's behest, folding outward instead and stretching taut as ooze erupted to drown away the spark. Tendons of metal and muscles of filth came forth to create a body anew, much larger than The World was before, but much fouler as well. With an awful shriek to echo for eternity, the god took a dive out of view into the nethermost regions of the Void.

Before erupting again as a vast thing with a multitude of bloodshot, viridian eyes glaring at its former friend from atop its form, twisting so far away to show the cruel canyons of the gaping maw underneath it.

And then it lashed at the first creator with a tail so vast it could take a lifetime to walk its length.