The Starless Void

A single word, a single cry for help makes it way across the empty and lonely Void. Nobody knows for how long this single word of desperation traveled through the coldness which is the endless void. Yet just when it seems that this plead would simply continue for eternity, it reached a point of singularity.


A simple word. Yet all it took was but a single second. For within a single second of resonating through the point of singularity, the entity sleeping within awoke to the sound of an explosion heard throughout creation, as space and matter began expanding and taking shape as it began traveling across the void at unimaginable speed towards the one who had made this plead for help.

Within moments the interstellar entity, formed of stars and hot gasses makes its presence known. Its eyes, in the form of two red hyper-giant stars, glares down upon the one who would harm her child.

"Remove yourself!"
Roars the entity, who would be known as the Cosmic Mother, causing the Void to shake at the sound of her voice, as she attempts to pluck the Original Creator from the back of the creature.


AP12= 15-3: Declare Divine Combat against Zalsar!