The Cosmic Mother & Zalsaram

The Cosmic Mother's goal was but one: to rescue the child that had called out to her. Everything else was secondary in her mind. Knowing her massive size, the Cosmic Mother attempts to snatch the Original Creator away with but the very tip of her own tongue. Yet this creature... this... Zalsaram's attack causes the goddess to miss, instead her tongue slamming on Zalsaram's back and leaving its imprint while she gets struck.

As the electrical wires strike deeply into the Cosmic Mother, she lets out a roar of pain which echos across the Void. The cloud which is the goddess contorts as dust begin to fall all across Zalsaram's back. But this is no ordinary dust. This is the 'flesh' of the Cosmic Mother... whose very being is Creation itself. As soon as the dust settles upon the ground, the first life explodes in the shape of lush plants, flowers and trees.


AP10= 12-2: Create Land: The continent of Demiourgia
Use the 1AP from Combat: Nourish Land: All existing lands (Apex of the World and Demiourgia) are now fertile with plants, flowers and trees.

Yet as awe inspiring as the sight was, the Cosmic Mother's true purpose was not yet complete. Undeterred at the sheer power of her opponent, she once again attempts to pluck the Original Creator.

Spoiler: Round 2