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    The World, The First Creator

    The First Creator watches as the Cosmic Mother is defeated by the World. He gasps, "What will happen now?"

    The Endless Void, The Visonary

    With those words, once again reality looked to serve the First Creator's will. Not with a friend, not with a mother, but with a force of change. The sound of metal scraping against metal, gears moving and clicking together signaled the creation of the vast metallic city that held the great Visionary's mind. The great machine moved toward the world past the glowing eyes of the cosmos, "Your time ends now."

    Gears moved and a massive cannon was formed from the massive metallic city pointing at the creature that had the First Creator held, "The time has come to take the first step towards the future. That step is to clean up past mistakes." Dark green energies collected in the center of the cannon. "Creature of the past, begone." A large beam of energy fires to strike the World.


    15 - 3 (Start Combat) = 12
    CR 6 + 2 Hatred + 1 Combat + 6 from Spell Pool + 2 from O = 17

    Rolled a 2 in the original post, had to change post order. Making the total 19
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