The Cosmic Mother, the Visionary and Zalsaram

Finally a blow had been connected! Flying even deeper into the Void the Cosmic Mother bellows to her unexpected ally "Finish this now! Strike with all your might!" The goddess steadies herself as she focuses on the battle between the Visionary and Zalsaram. For what she was about to do, she required neither subtlety, nor even the need to aim. All would be caught fully within the most terrifying weapon the Cosmic Mother had within her arsenal.

Taking a deep breath, the goddess opens her maw, revealing the White Hole within her as the First of the Dragons unleashes her Dragon Breath.

Within a second, the Visionary and Zalsaram are bombarded by the light and matter escaping the White Hole, but while Zalsaram is blinded, the Visionary feels the warmth of this motherly light building up within it. There can be no doubt that the Cosmic Mother discriminates over who receives her protection.


Use the Cosmic Mother's 3 {A} Abilities to aid the Visionary.