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    The Visionary bellows out, "You will be bowed, broken, and rid of. My vision has no place for scourges such as you."

    Again he fires his cannon, this time at double power. Blowing out several blocks of the complex and scouring the land of the life left by the Cosmic Dragon during her attempt to do as the Visionary is succeeding at.

    Using all the rest of my Spell Pool on this roll, meaning another 12 to this roll. Maybe overkill, but still fun.
    Using last rounds free action, and this rounds to Pestilence The whole world, making the Apex of the World a uninhabitable wasteland and removing the Nourishment from Demiurgia.
    (2d6)[8] I think Vicory is a forgone conclusion

    The Visionary's first action was the removal of the old to make room for the new. Repairs would be required. Perhaps a second base of operations would be required. Ejecting pods from the city they land on Demiurgia deploying and making large pillars of metal collecting energy.

    Pulling the collected energy the Visionary formed that into massive new weapon, just in case the cannon was down. A secondary cannon array would be ready.

    12 - 1 Mold Land (Energy Collectors) - 3 Create Combat Artifact (Secondary Cannon Array) = 8

    The First Creator

    "No! Don't hurt the world!" The First Creator once again moved, this time to force all Deities from touching the World directly, no God or Goddess can step foot directly on the material plane. The creation of the three first Gods, and the banning them from the world was too much for the First Creator, and his power was fully spent. He fades from reality.
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