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    The Cosmic Mother in the Void

    Watching the First Creator fade away just as they had managed to save him, the Cosmic Mother attempts to reach out for the child, only to be repelled by the laws of the Universe that had just been placed. She begins to mourn bitterly at the loss of the one who had depended on her to protect him. The battle was won, but the war was lost as she lets out a heartbreaking wail.

    "My Child... I have failed you!"

    Yet the Cosmic Mother was a creature of Chaos, and hastily made as well. Even as she wails, she is unable to contain her powers and just as a need for a mother had awakened her, so too had her need for a child awakened another entity.

    Upon the lands of Demiourgia a creature gains consciousness. It had inadvertently been created in the likeness of its mother's shape, yet that is where the physical similarities ceased. For while the Cosmic Mother was an entity made of gas, clouds and stars, this one was made out of flesh although it's hard skin was made out of the most precious of metals. Naturally it's mother dwarfed it in size, despite the fact that it was as tall as one of Demiourgia's mountains.

    Perhaps this creature was not the first of the Cosmic Mother's children, but he was her First Born, and thus he was given the name: Bahamut, First Born and King of Dragons.

    "Mother..." says Bahamut in reverence towards the stars that was his mother, and for that one moment, the Cosmic Mother was comforted for the loss of the Original Creator. Yet what struck the Cosmic Mother the most was that a living creature could live upon the back of that monster. Then remembering the plants which she had unleashed upon the world, she finally understood what her lost Child had meant to do.


    AP4= 7-3: Create Avatar: Bahamut

    Looking over at Phos, glaring down malevolently upon the world, the Cosmic Mother gives a sigh. "I cannot regain what I lost in that terrible battle. I can but only make up for it in the only way that I know..."

    The Dragon goddess raises her paw and plucks out her remaining eye and casts it into the Void, where Phos orbited around the World. Unlike Phos which was red and malevolent, the Cosmic Mother's right Eye was in the shape of a white hyper-giant star. However the light given by this sun was warm and gentle as it looked down upon the canvas of the world that the Original Creator had formed. Thus was the second sun named Oussia.


    AP1= 4-3: Create Utility Artifact: Oussia the Other Hyper-Giant Sun (Nourishment Artifact)

    Within Bahamut's mind, his mother's voice is heard "My First Born. I place this charge upon you: Guard and Protect this world and all upon it, for it has been given to you... your descendants... and all who will come after you by the one whom I have failed. His memory shall be preserved by completing his dream. Swear upon me my First Born! Swear that you will protect this world... this... Playground."

    Bahamut nods and answers "I swear it!"

    replies the now blind Cosmic Mother as she retreats deep into the Void. This battle had taken a heavy toll on her.
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