My guesses:

Architect = Maynard
Vandal = Grynn
Philosopher = Aly
Criminal = Morgan
Noble = Reinia
Mystic = Autumn
Soldier = Roberts (even now he's doing what he's told to do. Just changed who he was following orders from)

My reasoning:
Criminal and Vandal are obvious. If it's someone else it'll be an incredible twist.

Noble is Reinia for lack of a better role for her. And her mysterious, might actually be a princess, past that was hinted at.

Philosopher is Aly because she's the only one who actually has a connection to the gods and a belief in them. However she might be the Mystic, and end up betraying Maynard to side with Chaos over Law.

Soldier is Roberts because he's always following orders or some oath or something. He hasn't really changed his morals so Mystic is out.

Mystic is Autumn because I don't think Thatch is any of them. He isn't the Architect because he didn't want Read to die on the island and the Architect did. I think he's a wild card who is trying to mess with the ritual to change things.

Architect is Maynard because he's been all about fate, planning, and destiny from the beginning. As well he didn't look happy when Read came back from the fire island alive.