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Spoiler: Stuff About the Roles
Hopefully someone better at analysis than myself can do something with this information. Here's my thoughts on things:

1) The skull said that the Peasant's death would spark in-fighting among the members of the group, resulting in two deadlocked sides; I believe this deadlock is the argument that's sparking in the most recent comic, setting up Roberts and Morgan as the two leaders. Which side will the others pick?

2) It may depend on their alignment: the skull took care to mention how much their law-chaos alignment would affect their actions in the debate to come, as well as how the least trustworthy were those not fully dedicated to either side.

3) The only clue we receive from the skull about any roles is that the Mystic is a deceiver who cuts all ties they've made. Given how Roberts is only acting against Morgan to help his family (and is only being asked to do so because of his status as an ex-soldier) it's a reasonable conclusion that he isn't actually the Mystic. Whether he's the obvious Soldier or if his role in the story is more complex and less obvious than that, I'm not sure.

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Sunuva...her death was foreshadowed!
Wow, this is a fantastic amount of work! Really handy after a long binge-read.
I'm still trying to put Roberts into the right role though... Not sure if Mystic or Soldier.