I am more excited about Blades in the Dark than I have been about any RPG kickstarter since Feng Shui 2. It looks pretty amazing; stretch goals have been dropping left and right, and more intriguing settings keep popping up.

Mechanically, it shows its heritage as Apocalypse Engine, but it's an interesting change and refinement of the concept.

The base game is about a crew of criminals trying to rise through the ranks in a series of heists, escapades, thefts, and other dirty deeds. There's reskins unlocked to turn it into Shadowrun, a super-villains game, Space Opera Scum & Villainy, pirates ... it's crazy.

Really; check it out. I cancelled all my other pledges to other kickstarters and threw into the hardback tier, here. It looks that awesome.

And best of all - you can download it when you pledge. And cancel your pledge if you hate it. I didn't; I am pretty enthralled and I can't wait to run my players through it.