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    Yhrzallus, Eucle, Korevok, (and then Oxid, Ol, Althia, Clora) Deep Within Dream Neutral Ground

    Eucle looks at the mad god and then at the devil he tilts his head to the fellow god and shrugs.

    "What he is trying to say is that we haven't succesfully defeated death's grip on souls. Still we are working on... alternatives. He is giving souls a way to return quickly from the shadowland while I'm working on ensuring that they don't get there in the first place. As always our plans are opposed but concurrent."

    As he speaks a purple flare goes up. Violet and superviolet light fills the room in both the visible spectrum and beyond. It appears that the alarm has been triggered.

    "Uh... convenient. I didn't expect to happen it so fast.

    Then he hits the floor with his staff and for a moment the room changes. The floor seems to pull folding netly onto itself. Perspective becomes tricky as a the room now connects to a distant area of the city. In it an elf turns towards them, his hands are pincers and despite lacking eyes he clearly sees them. An old wealth dragon also turns, his head split in two vertically symetrical slices. But the weirdest is besides them, a skeleton of many unfit bones, magic, shadow and dreams.

    "Welcome niece, please step a bit forward and to your right so we can keep plotting in privacy.

    Kril Apex Sovereignty

    The moongrel walks to the horses and puts a hand to their sides feeling the beast and it's strength. There are barely any animal in neutral ground, excepting those that the prosperity god stole from the underplayground and the few that they have taken with them. Certainly there are no horses as bulky as this. He is fast, even with his prosthetic leg, or perhaps due to his prosthetic leg, but he won't be as fast as the horses.

    "Lead the way, I can jog."

    Borrakalari (Yue) Eldarond

    The Borrakalari that had departed with Mal had reached Eldarond through lightning train, or at least close enough for them to be near the city. When they had emerged and realized that the goddess wasn't nearby, her skyline clearly distinct, Mal had left the group.

    Two of them remained. One dismounted her construct, for she was a fit moongrel, once again her hair braided although instead of a mohawk it was long and flowing except for the left side where it was shaved entirely giving her an asymettrical look. Her tattoos were on that cleared are and were tight and engraved, silueting a dragon resting atop her ear and temple. Building on that lack of symmetry her left arm ended at her elbow. Unput by it she attached a wraith wood prothesis and carefully moved the hand at the end enjoying the finger's movement. She simply nodded towards the others, took an orange coral sword, put on a poncho and started walking towards the capital.

    The last Borrakalari with the remaining constructs took the mech that the moongrel had left behind and returned to the lightning train lines. Departing for an undisclosed yet foreknown and final location.

    Eucle 8AP

    2 AP Gain Portfolio (Deals)
    2 AP Gain Portfolio (Gramarie)
    3 AP Gain Domain Craft (Gramarie)

    1 AP Remaining


    Lylien 3AP

    3 AP remaining
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