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    Default Re: Lords of Creation in the Playground (OOC Thread #3)

    Thread #3! Yeah!... So here's my character list.
    Spoiler: Ahn, God of Luck

    Name: Ahn Aka. Lucky Thumb, Disaster Thumb.
    Aspects: The Great Fox(Underplayground), Ahnak (Wereboars and Tribals)
    Alignment: CE
    Legacy: Creation
    Alignment Domain: Chaos
    Primary Domain(portfolio): Luck(Fortune)
    Other Domains (portfolios): Envy (Obsession), Trickery (Shapeshifters)
    Holy Symbol: Mummified Rat Claw
    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff, Dagger
    DR: 6
    Paradigm & DCM: Divinity

    {A} Twist of Fortune: With a small twist of his Primary Domain, Ahn increases a friend's chance of victory.

    {A} Dumb Luck of Kings: Sometimes all one needs is the Dumb Luck of a King.

    {D} Lucky Dodge: Whoa! That was a close one!

    {C} Cheap Shot: Ahn does not fight fair. He will lash out at his opponent's weak spots at the most opportune moments.

    {C} Lucky Hit: With a bit of Luck, even the most untrained might just hit something vital.

    Description: Ahn is a fickle and cruel deity who is at home driving from the back seat as he sows all manner of Chaos among god and mortal alike. His Primary Domain being that of Luck, he is the one mortals turn to when they need that little bit of an extra hand, be it in the form of a gullible customer, a gentle wind that blows the hunter's scent away from his mark, a victim being distracted from a cutpurse's misdeeds or even kings suddenly falling ill.

    Ahn has his hands in several different pots, greedily grabbing for every single metaphorical cookie that he can get his hands on although he rarely acts himself, instead opting to send his shape-shifting horned-goblin avatar, Kerx out in his stead as both a representative and a direct conduit for the God of Luck's power upon the Playground and the corresponding planes. When not using Kerx, he would send mortal agents from various walks of life out. Some knowing, others not so much.

    Ahn was one of the three gods that brought the Plane of Chaos known as the Madhouse into being. As such, he maintains a small cottage amidst the Chaos of that plane where he rules over his domain, albeit very loosely and with very little actual organization, leaving such matters to the likes of Kerx and the Corrupted Solars that lord over the toad-like Khaadi.

    Spoiler: Ulvin Silverblade, God of Courage
    Name: Ulvin Silverblade, The King Knight
    Played by: Hatter
    Divine Rank: 3
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Holy/Unholy Symbol: Upright silver sword on a brass triangle
    Primary Domain (and Portfolio): Courage (Heroism)
    Other Domains (Portfolios): Humanity (Expansion)
    Legacy Domain: Destruction
    Alignment Domain: Law
    Favored Weapon: Longsword
    Combat Rating: 4.5
    Paradigm & DCM: Warrior

    {H} Purge(Evil): Ulvin has an deep seated hatred towards evil. He lashes out with Divine light in an attempt to purge Evil from his sight.

    {C} Sword of Justice : Ulvin lights his sword with raw power and lashes out against the Enemies of Man.

    Brief Description: Tall and muscular with short blonde hair. Ulvin was once a mortal being, a human from a small village who picked up arms and started roaming the countryside, slaying monsters and rescuing innocent and defenseless folks from certain ruin at the hands of Evil while teaching others to do the same. He eventually started his own little band of wandering do-gooder swordsmen.

    One day, Ulvin was struck down by an orc's poisoned arrow in his neck as he held the way for villagers to escape from an orcish warband. His lifestyle and sacrifice drew the attention of Kethneciel and he was raised up into godhood, gaining Courage as his domain and Heroism as his portfolio.

    Ulvin embodies the virtues he did when he was a mortal and expects those same virtues to be upheld by those whom would follow in his lead. His tenants are to be fearless in the face of adversity, to protect the weak, to always do the right thing and to uphold the virtues that which put mortals above petty evils.

    After being raised to godhood, Ulvin proceeded to found the Kingdom of Eldarond, sitting upon it's throne as God-King.

    Of my creations....

    Spoiler: Murkdeep, Reean Isles

    Murkdeep is a coastal city created by Ahn for the sake of housing a group of Bogwarts out of the Dark Grove upon the Reean Isles. The city is a lawless den of thieves, pirates and mercenaries with no clear sense of leadership beyond that which exist within the various gangs and factions fight for.

    Humans 49%
    Bogwarts 34%
    Dopplegangers 15%
    Others 2%

    Spoiler: Taku

    Taku is a group of 12 Kitsune villages on the Western shore of Ithilbar. the inhabitants of Taku are a peaceful people with a love for tricks and riddles. They are hardworking people, living out simple lives as farmers and hunters.

    Kitsune: 99%
    Others 1%

    Spoiler: Eldarond

    The Kingdom of Eldarond is a place where Law and Good rule absolutely without competition. It is ruled by Ulvin Silverblade, God King of Eldarond. The Kingdom has very strict customs and practices, living completely alcohol and drug free and protected by an army of paladins.

    Humans 98%
    Others 2%

    Spoiler: Kith, Master-Thief

    Kith is an Aram thief with a few tricks up his sleeve who is currently wandering the playground in search of certain artifacts for an as of yet to be revealed patron.

    Class: Rogue/Wizard
    Alignment: CN

    Spoiler: Avatar Kerx

    Kerx, the Avatar of Ahn, the Party Animal, the Drunk Goblin among other names is a skilled shapeshifter normally appearing as a wicked looking goblin with skin as green as green gets. He has glowing eyes the color of smoldering coals and a pair of golden horns. He often carries with him an emerald encrusted dagger.

    He is a rogue and liked his original self, a skilled shapeshifter who often takes the form of small animals for the sake of moving about unnoticed.

    Class: Rogue
    Alignment: CE

    Spoiler: King Endren

    King Endren is the Husband of Kyrokoli, the Winter Goddess. He was once a mortal man and has since been cursed/blessed with immortality and wed to Kyrokoli. Through some sick twist of fate, he had become more of a pet to her than anything else but when she conquered the First Tree, she gave it to him to rule over. King Endren assumed his duties and renamed the First Tree to Lignum.

    *Lignum is Latin for Wood, Timber.

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