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    Yhrzallus, Eucle, Korevok, Althia, Clora - Deep Within Dream Neutral Ground

    Eucle dismisses his mortal followers, both are strong elf and dragon alike and host some of the older wealth demons but they are after all mortals and needed elsewhere. He grips his staff with strength and looks at Althia considering if the undead needs to be dismissed too.

    "Well. Let me start this by telling you all something. Yhrzallus, Korevok, I know what you plot. I like it. Reviving the eldest is a noble goal. But know that this won't work. If the death god has a grip on my father's soul there isn't any reason to believe that he doesn't hold hostage the eldest soul. Whatever you accomplish would be a pale shadow, no offence intended Clora. For this I'll join your noble efforts."

    As he finishes speaking something so close to the truth he feels empowered.

    Mal, Lylien - Lylien

    The human bows in front of the goddess, or at least the pilot but to Mal the distinction was purely academic and not one in which he would dare take risks, and offers her the oblation. The scrolls are folded as neatly as they could be considering the uncountable uneven additions and anotations. If they had been solid parchment at some point they were now a mismatched jigsaw. Chaotic mortal hands had for too long held the key to knowledge. But now that cypher was in orderly divine hands. Inphusing it with some of her own essence the goddess made the scrolls be more, much more.

    "Trade soldier, you bring back what you were tasked to retrieve so long ago. What do you wish for it?"

    The goddess voice was varely audible, a perfect collection of cogs turning and wheels spinning giving just the right volume and cadence. She was the goddes inside the machine and her's was the domain raising the voice wasn't only unnecessary it was unoptimal, wasteful.

    The man look forward light brightening in his tired old face. For a moment he almost asked for rest, but knowing full well the darkness that held a claim to his soul he dared not. He dared not rest yet. The prosperity and civilization gods solutions for the soul issue was still imperfect. Had he considered himself fortunate he would have tried, but his plenty luck was far from good.


    The goddess barely nodded understanding. And she put her hand on his brow annointing him. And then the change started. His skin turned dark, his hair white with age turned youthful but was still without color. He felt himself young again.

    "You will need youth to fulfill your purpose."

    The goddess walked and moved, fast, but she did not. The outer world was moving under the construct feet and the pilot had not even flinched. Mal gulped. Piloting a mech, at least to him and those he knew, took effort one had to push the will through the creature and then make it move. While one's relative movement wasn't necessary, moving one's arm forward inside the mech when punching for example, it was an easy way to focus one's will. If you had always used your own punches to throw a punch it grew hard to differentiate between the movement and the movement's idea. Not to speak of the size and perspective difference. Borrakalari were easy to manufacture and move because they weren't much larger than a man. But Lylien's... she was massive. Mal's train of thought was abruptly crashed when he heard a gasp.

    Or as close to a gasp that a demon can produce. Xelnirov soon found back his spine and his courage and voice followed.

    "You can't!"

    In response the goddess simply raised a hand. She did so both as the pilot and as the mech and while it was a graceful movement the land erupted. A dark jaw erupted from the surface and was soon followed by a tower so dark that light was trapped in it without possible escape, the stone had no right angles turning unto itself as much as it sprout forward.

    "I can."

    Xelnirov was fazed looking at the goddess and for the first time understanding that he was in fact dealing with a divine being. He went to speak but closed his mouth considering carefully his words. Then after a silence he simply statted a question.


    "You will need a place to fulfill your purpose."

    Then the goddess, the pilot, rested both her hands atop Mal's renewed shoulders and a new flowing cape of deep cerulean sparkled from them. Atop his white armor it gave him an impossing figure.

    "You will need followers to fulfill your purpose."

    When the physical, if not the metaphorical, pressure was released from his shoulders Mal, who was now a moongrel, looked towards the goddess. His eyes weren't the purple of his new kin, they weren't even indigo ranging close, they were clearly bright azur.

    "But what is my purpose?"

    The goddess smiled and it was something that could shock lesser men into torpor. Mal for his part was just scared.

    "Build me an army."

    And rightfully so.


    Eucle 1 AP + 5 AP from rollover + 1 bonus AP from 1000 posts + 1 PAP (Moon)

    3 AP Gain Domain Commerce (Deals): 1 AP Create concept: Money, 2 AP Create organization: Syndicate (as a trading organization), 2 AP Create organization: Gardeners (as a trading organization); Ok
    3 AP Raise divine rank to 11: 1 AP Teach populace: wood gramarie, 3 AP Gain domain: Psionics

    Eucle is now an intermediate deity.

    1 AP Join Pantheon: Zalsaram's resurrectors

    Pantheon Dogma: In order to resurrect Zalsaram the god's soul needs to be free, to be so souls need to be freed from Kyre's grip.

    0 AP Nourishment (using vault of plenty): Souls are free from Kyre's grip. This counters one claim for Kyre's towards souls. If those souls have other rightful claims, those claims prevails. Effectively Kyre is now at 1 claim to everyone's souls and at -1/4 to Eucle's souls.

    1 PAP (Moon) Nourishment: Souls are free from Kyre's grip. This counters one claim for Kyre's towards souls. If those souls have other rightful claims, those claims prevails. Effectively Kyre is now at 0 claims (of course everyone is also at 0 claims) to everyone's souls and at -5/4 to Eucle's souls.

    0 AP remaining


    Lylien 3 AP + 3 AP from rollover + 1 bonus AP from 1000 posts + 1 PAP (Moon)

    0 AP Create concept (using seed chorus): Mechanika (the intermixture of magical and mechanical wonders) rules for it can be found in the iron kingdoms character guide (warning those rules are 3.0 so you might want to check the liber mechanika). Associated base classes Arcane Mechanic (Liber Mechanika) and Bodger (Iron Kingdoms Character Guide)

    2 AP Create Organization: Mechanicum (or Tresna): The mechanicum lead by Mal is tasked with creating new mechs and developing new technology. Their color is orderly blue and their associated prc is Iron Slaver of course the name of the prc is ill fit considering that Tresna's major constructing material is psychoactive wood but wood slaver doesn't sound as catchy.

    1 PAP (Moon) Mold Land: The Omen Tower: The tower has been elevated further out of the water and given to the Mechanicum. They are not only tasked with maintaining the tower and using it as the base of opperations but since the Omen tower is a dreamers filter they are tasked to direct the most powerful dreams toward's Neutral Ground's and it's goals.

    3 AP Create Utility Artifact (Create Subrace): Purity Scrolls: The scrolls who have been infussed with the mech's goddess power hold the pattern to create new and uninimaginable new constructs.

    0 AP Mark Mortal: Mal, who has been turned into a young fit Moongrel and given command of the Mechanicum, along with the Omen Tower and the Purity Scrolls.

    1 AP remaining
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