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    Default Lords of Creation in the Playground (IC2)

    Market Square, Avalon, Eldarond - Ulvin, Kyrokoli

    In size, Ulvin towered over Kyrokoli, the Man-God easily stood at 9ft in height, his well muscled body covered in silver colored plate.

    "Kyrokoli." said Ulvin, it wasnt a question but a reaffirming statement. He looked down on the goddess, no real emotion on his face.

    "Follow me then. A conversation between deities is not for mortal ears." With that, he simply walked towards Divine Decree's general direction. He could have flown, but he did not. He could have simply willed himself there but he did not. Instead, he chose to walk among his people as if he were a normal person even though he was not.

    Ulvin remained silent the whole way to Divine Decree, a simple smile or a whisper of encouragement to the humans that they passed when finally they reached Divine Decree, the paladins opening the solid doors wide for both deities to pass into the assembly chamber and into the throne room.

    The King Knight turned to Kyrokoli and simply asked "What is it that I might do for you, Winter Queen?"
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