Krenko-Ka City

Krenko-Ka City stirred within itself, the brain which was the center of the City reached out and took a moment to realize just how magnificent it was to be heavily relied upon by the little green inhabitants that called it home. If the City could smile, it probably would have but such acts were beyond it's understanding and so, it had to settle for something a little more to it's liking and capabilities.

The City shifted, literally and physically shifted. Where once was a hall was now a solid wall. Where once was a flight of stairs was a clean fall down to some unknown depth below. Where once was a clean and simple room was now a bubbling cistern filled with molten steel. This, the city decided would be something it would do, frequently and at random intervals. It would be more fun this way. The goblins and their off-shoots of course would not have any trouble navigating it but for the average everyday outsider.... It would be a maze of death.

Singing Stones Cavern Below Krenko-Ka City- Flibbit

Flibbit was one of the many goblin miners that resided in the more hazardous lower levels of the City. Every day without ever seeing sunlight, he would enter the Singing Stones Caverns below the city with hundreds if not thousands of other miners if bright red jumpsuits and yellow hard hats, a random assortment of numbers on their backs to identify each worker to the foremen whom wore white hard hats instead of yellow.

Today was for the most part just like any day but word had come down from the upper levels that a goblin had managed to create explosives using the Singing Stones and so, Flibbit... ever curious decided to experiment.

During his break, he managed to put together a rough model, similar to that of a crossbow and had ready small little steel balls which would be loaded into the weapon's long barrel. He then acquired some Singing Stone which he grinded down into a fine powder and loaded the barrel with the small steel ball. He poured a small amount of powder into a slot on the side of his weapon. He pulled the trigger. A foreman's white hard hat went flying and it's wearer dropped dead. Flibbit let out a hysteric laugh... He had invented gunpowder.

Spoiler: Ahn Actions

-1PAP(Chaos: Cause Chaos) Pestilence: Ever-changing City - Krenko-Ka City's body changes randomly in so many directions. Only goblins and their subraces could ever hope to keep up with it.

-1PAP(Goblin: Better Goblins) Teach Populace: Gunpowder - Grinding the Singing Stones down produces the world's version of Gunpowder.