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    Avalon, Eldarond - Mavrick

    Mavrick was a simple and humble man by all accounts. He was a blacksmith who worked the forges of the Silver Knights and he worked that forge every single day, pausing long enough to give worship at the nearest chapel which was right down the street before heading back to work again.

    Then came the day he would never forget. It was like any day. He ate his breakfast and he went to work over the forge, a beast of a man, large and imposing with a mane of red hair and an equally red beard. He hammered away at white hot steel before his thoughts were interupted.

    A voice, booming and clear as day rang through his head "Mavrick! Forge for me a hilt of silver!"

    and so Mavrick did. He presented it to his Lord himself and was blessed. Some would argue the most blessed.

    Spoiler: Ulvin Actions

    Create Combat Artifact-3AP: Hero - When not held in hand, Hero appears as nothing more that a plain and bladeless silver hilt but when wielded by it's true owner, it would then expand into a wonderful and radiant silver blade which seems to generate pure and clear light.

    Murkdeep, Reean Isles

    Typhus was pretty bad here in this overly crowded city with it's overly crowded streets and it's overly crowded docks and it's overly crowded ships. Murkdeep was quite simply a haven for disease in all of it's forms. If the pirates and the cut-throats didnt kill you, the whores will and most of the time unintentionally!

    It was within the streets of this city that a group did rise to the occasion, men and women dedicated to Ahn as if they were a priesthood in of their own and quite frankly, many of them were indeed clerics.

    The people, the Poppy Doctors as people would come to know them would wander the lands either by themselves or in troupes. They would have small offices in large cities which would double as shrines to Ahn so that the sick and afflicted could come worship at his altar but what stood out the most about the Poppy Doctors was their masks. Long and hooked like a beak and stuffed full of poppies.

    Spoiler: Ahn Actions

    Create Organization -2AP : The Poppy Doctors - The Poppy Doctors serve 2 purposes. First they serve as pharmacists and doctors, caring for the wounded and the sick. However, in a much more secretive capacity, they serve as Blightmancers, bringing disease and plague into the world. Medicine is a booming business!

    Free PRC: Blightmancer!

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