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    Market Square, Avalon, Eldarond - Ulvin, Kyrokoli

    In size, Ulvin towered over Kyrokoli, the Man-God easily stood at 9ft in height, his well muscled body covered in silver colored plate.

    "Kyrokoli." said Ulvin, it wasnt a question but a reaffirming statement. He looked down on the goddess, no real emotion on his face.

    "Follow me then. A conversation between deities is not for mortal ears." With that, he simply walked towards Divine Decree's general direction. He could have flown, but he did not. He could have simply willed himself there but he did not. Instead, he chose to walk among his people as if he were a normal person even though he was not.

    Ulvin remained silent the whole way to Divine Decree, a simple smile or a whisper of encouragement to the humans that they passed when finally they reached Divine Decree, the paladins opening the solid doors wide for both deities to pass into the assembly chamber and into the throne room.

    The King Knight turned to Kyrokoli and simply asked "What is it that I might do for you, Winter Queen?"
    Kryokoli follows Ulvin as silent as he is, instead opting to observe how this deity interacts with his followers. Finally they arrive at Ulvin's throne room, she answers Ulvin's question "As you may have heard of my accomplishments, it should be no secret that I desire to blanket the Playground in a perpetual winter. To the north is the Iceshelf Tundra. The Frozen North was formed by another deity, but it too knows the chill of winter. The seas have frozen over at my mere presence, and I hold dominance over the First Tree. Now I seek to once again expand my influence but am torn as to where to strike next. Craast Dominus lies within range. Perhaps I may freeze the remaining oceans. I might even expand to the South of Stoixia or strike at Demiourgia itself. Or I may target you and yours." she says in a matter of fact tone.

    "My Human once worshiped you before being converted. I have heard of how pious and loved you are in your lands, and to be honest it sickens me. The more someone cherishes something, the more it makes me want to destroy it. So here is my reason for visiting you Ulvin Silverblade: I'd like to hear from your own lips a good reason why I should not smite you and all your people. Make your case, and should it be satisfactory, I shall focus my wrath elsewhere." Ulvin would notice that Kryokoli is equipped with her battle gear, and her wicked scourge tied to her hip, is within arm's length.

    ================================================== ==============

    Although one may think that the only place were one can find Elves are on the First Tree, there were many who had arrived at Demiourgia centuries ago when Deimos had created them. Of course, they were disorganized and mostly left alone by the other natives of the land. Even so, life was not easy for these Elves lacked the security that the other races of Demiourgia had. They did not have the means to build their city, like the Dragonborn of the Dwarfs, so they were vulnerable to attacks from Orcs and all sorts of various monsters that roam the lands.

    One day it happened that a tribe of Elves were traveling South of the Ruins of Purity and East of the Bay of Neutrality. These Elves were seeking a place for them to settle down and begin a settlement of their own. There were some who were arguing that it would be preferable to return to the First Tree, despite the influx of foreign forces. Yet something was terribly odd about the land they had chosen, for the mages and wizards who had accompanied the Elves found that their magic was greatly amplified for reasons they could not comprehend. After some debating it was decided that the Elves would settle on these lands, the settlement itself was named Nylnor.

    Although Nylnor was an Elven settlement, there were many people of different races that came to these lands, curiosity attracted mages and all form of spell casters like moths to a fire, as they would find that not only can they cast spells higher than their normal level, but that their spells were twice as efficient. Thus Nylnor began to grow from a settlement to a small town brimming with mages.

    As Nylnor continued to expand, one day the Elven Elders were approached by the most beautiful Elven maiden that they had ever seen. Only introducing herself as "The Witch", she radiated an aura of pure power as she explained that if the Elves wanted to discover the source of power, all they had to do was to dig the earth beneath Nylnor. After great debate, the Elves decided that they would heed the Witch's advise, if anything to help clear the mystery surrounding these lands. After an extensive dig, the Elves were surprised that true to the Witch's word, something was discovered, a crystal pulsating pure arcane power was found underneath. They continued to dig amazed at the sheer size of this crystal which seemed to be the size of a mountain. However large as it was, the crystal was not a mountain, but in fact a shard, which as soon as it was unearthed, it began to float into the sky.

    The Witch casts a spell which causes a massive chain to erupt from the ground and imbed itself into the crystal before it can fly away. She then explains that this crystal is merely a shard which fell from the sky when the Cosmic Mother revealed herself putting an abrupt end to the Draconic Civil War. Being a god of Magic, this piece of the Cosmic Mother resonated the magical ability of all spell casters, effectively empowering them. Thus the Elves of Nylnor could consider themselves blessed by the goddess of Creation. However the Witch did warn the Elves that this shard of the Cosmic Mother may prove to be a blessing or a curse, everything would depend on the choices the Elves would make.

    Thus the Elves of Nylnor decided to expand their nation around the Cosmic Shard. The shard itself acting as a source of seemingly infinite magical power to fuel the city's need. Every aspect of the city became magical, from the source of street lights to floating towers found across the city. The most powerful mages who assembled at Nylnor, although not all necessarily Elves, decided that as the arcane powers served as the fundamental pillar of their society, city and nation, then it is those who wield the strongest forms of magic who should rule over it. Thus the Magocracy of Nylnor was created with the Archmages serving as the highest authority.

    Their first action was to secure the Cosmic Shard by forming more chains in order to firmly secure it. Following that they constructed their bastion atop the Shard itself, so that the Council of Archmages may watch over the Shard's use. During the day the Shard seems to hum with power, while during night it gives off a faint glow leading some to believe that the Shard actually absorbs light from the Cosmic Mother's eyes. Whether that is true, the Archmages remain silent about this theory.

    It was like this that the Elven nation of Nylnor was founded. Although the city consists mostly of Elves it is very common to find mages of other races who have flocked to the City of the Arcane.


    The Cosmic Mother.

    AP11+2 Bonus=13
    AP10=13-3: Create Nourishment Artifact: The Cosmic Shard
    AP8=10-2: Create Organization: The Magocracy of Nylnor (PrC: Archmage)
    AP7=8-1: Nourishment: All spell casters within and around a certain distance from Nylnor find that not only can they cast spells higher than their current level, their spells are actually much more potent.
    AP4=7-3: Gain Domain : Elf (Actions done: Cosmic Shard (3) and the Magocracy (2)
    AP2=4-2: Gain Portfolio: Elf-kind.
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