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    Eucle - Erebus

    The prosperity god had returned to the realm of shadow feeling his grandfather pull for the mortal souls among his people wane. There would be a power struggle, soon, all vacuums were to be filled at some point. And the wealth demon didn't doubt that the other gods wouldn't chase after the departed souls. Thus he wanted to be the first to reach the darkness.

    He had once been invited into the deepest dark were his grandfather had roamed and he could find his way on the dark realm. Traveling he had passed many mortal souls trapped in the dark, living in eternity cast in shadows but trapped in illusions that filled them with delight. They weren't so different his grandfather and him, both giving mortals the bliss of comforting mirages be it on death or in dreams.

    When he reached the castle that had pertained Death he went inside. The doors weren't barred. Or if they were they couldn't stop him. He went for the room where he had laughed at his grandfather before leaving. Incapable of finding him there he explored the rest of the castle. Room by room searching. To no avail, nothing remained from his grandfather other than shadows.

    What remained though were the gods shadows that had been with his grandfather. His mother's shadow was there, as was his father's and his first still born child. Fortunately the three had assumed humanoid forms, his father had the gaunt skeletal features that he was used to, his mother had assumed the wet likeness of a woman, taking traits that the moongrels had associated with her when they first had heard about the demon's matron, and his child was a reflection of his moongrel form yet perfected in marble and gold but lacking a heart. None had much color in them as if they were made of varely substantial ash.

    "You are figments. You are no more."

    The prosperity god casted them away but the dead souls remained. There was nowhere to go. Erebus was the final destination. A cup that could be filled but never empited.


    Even if they wanted to, and Eucle wasn't sure that was the case. A part of him wanted to charge at them. To break them between hammer and club. But that would be wasteful. Instead he moved towards them and looked at each in the eye. Searching for a spark of what they had been. He found it there. Just a fickle flame that defied extinction. He smiled, glee filling him. He could take that flame. He could devour it fully. It would make him more powerful. And no one would be the wiser. Of course it would require consuming his parents and his child souls. But who cared about souls anyway?

    Eucle cared.

    The temptation passed, subsummed for an instant before turning into more profitable, and less questionable, avenues.

    "Can I offer you a deal?"

    Trade was good, trade was what he had been born to do. To exchange and through it to expand. To become bigger by changing itself and others. To better others by changing them so he could improve himself further. That had always been his core belief. If others did well, you did ultimately well. Thus he gave some of his divinity to the figments and took some other in equal measure. His power grew more diverse as he took from their souls their power became livelier as their partaked in his.

    He shared and traded with the dead gods. And when the dead souls saw that they also wanted to partake in the action. Mortals long forgotten came to him, the first ones to come were his followers who had been trapped on the shadow realms when they had died. Then the moongrels whose souls the dead death god had partaken with trickery. Then others who simply wished for a change. To leave the recurring utopic loop in which they were trapped. It took effort to break from the cave, for when a cave is all you know shadows look like reality. But illusions were all to fickle.

    The trade god smiled upon them. Tearing away the afterlife chains they were little more than formless mannequins filled with ash and shadow that threatened with collapse. Almost nothing of their past lives remained and what they had, the only thing of true value, they offered as oblations to the demon god. Sampling their memories and dreams the demon grew stronger but came true on his deal. He taught them how to build mask of gold, a plenty in the shadow realm below the world, to cork their shadows inside their ash bodies and keep from being torn away.

    Once he had amassed many of this newly created creatures he unleashed them into the realm of shadow and the world beyond. They had two simple commands. The first one was to trade, they would trade the underworld's valueless wealth for valuable stories. The second one was to search, for two souls had evaded the Prosperity god notice. They were to search for Zalsaram, eldest of all, and for whatever remained of his grandfather, for Eucle knew that even dead the death god could prove troublesome.

    Eucle 0 AP + 2 AP from bonus + 7 AP from rollover + 2 PAP = 9 AP + 2 PAP
    9 AP Raise divine rank (3, 3 AP actions, justified AP use gain domain (3 AP), beget god (5 AP), gain portfolio (2 AP), gain portfolion (2 AP), gain domain (3 AP)

    As a 15 DR deity Eucle gains a new DCM:

    {C} Souls come unto me: Eucle can call the deceased souls to form an army around himself warding him from attacks and disracting his opponents with their many bodies.

    1 PAP Create Subrace (Cult of the Beast, Souls must be free): Eucle has created the returned (or Itzulk in moongrel), this undead do not remember anything of their past lives, whatever they remembered before returning is given to the prosperity god as their deal to roam the world again.

    Each of them is an undistinctive humanoid, without recognizable features. Their skin is shadowed ashen, their like faces but have circular orifices where the mouth or eyes should be, continually leaking smoky shadow that dissipates soon after leaving them. While some theorize that if all the shadow were to leave them they would die (again) this is not detrimental for them, other than being rather spooky to those around. When their skin is ruptured, the same ash and shadow comes out before the wound is closed.

    They all wear golden mask, gold being cheap in the underworld. This masks are crafted by each one of them in the underworld under Eucle's or anyone of his chosen to represent the pact between the prosperity god and those returned.

    Medium: As Medium creatures, returned have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    Undead: Returned are undead creatures, and have all the associated traits.
    Returned base land speed is 30 feet.
    Automatic Languages: Common. Returned gain the ability to speak Common upon their transformation, but they do not lose the ability to speak languages they previously knew before Returning.
    Golden Mask (Ex): As long as they wear their golden mask returned have the following traits.
    Resist Control (Ex): Returned have a +2 profane bonus on their Will saving throws to resist the effect of a control undead spell.
    Turn Resistance (Ex): A Returned has +2 turn resistance.
    Unnatural Resilience (Ex): A returned automatically heal hit point damage and ability damage at the same rate as a living creature. The Heal skill has no effect on returned; however, negative energy (such as an inflict spell) heals them.

    While theoretically non medium sized humanoid returned could exist they are rare, being the exception rather than the norm.

    0 AP Mark "Mortal": Zahav Zalal the deceased god of Greed, and Eucle's first child, has been marked among the returned. His ashen body has a hole in his chest, where the heart would be always leaking shadow, but other than that he is perfectly clad in the finest gold there is wearing a cherub's mask. When Eucle is absent in the underworld he is the one who oversees the Returned creation.

    1 PAP remaining
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