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    Clora - The Void

    Clora turned her interest away from any trial or meeting, as thoughts formed in her mind. The undead would assuredly flourish if they existed in different ways than her originals. Different forms of recreation, should any one fail. Undead of a different kind of magic, or reproduced in some... hardier fashion. She began to conjure these things with magic from her claws.

    The first, she bore of the healing magic she had uncovered, creating creatures one the verge of death and undeath, yet certainly deathless. These began to rise from the deceased forces of good on a battlefield down on the world. Powered by goodness and healing, they would perhaps be a more suitable selection for some of the goodlier deities.

    Simultaneously, she created something that could be easily described as darker. Fangs, paleness, and a hint of the evil nature of what had created Clora long ago. These creatures would learn to use the darkness, the shadows, in response to the ancient foe. They would also, should the time ever come, be prepared to thin the numbers living. They would be the vampires - and they would have great power and potential, but they would have a weakness so long as the foe rested. They would be harmed by the light of the suns, the power of the ancient line - this would keep them in check until something dangerous took control. These rose from the other side of the battlefield, the other side of the coin from the deathless.

    In time, the vampires would find the living, and create something that existed both inside and outside of life and undeath - a combination of the two. These would be known as dhampirs, and they while they were yet to exist, they would bridge the gap between the two states of existence.

    Finally, she took control of that which laid in the hands of Althia, and caused it to grant the deahtless the varieties that had been given to the skeletons - the flight and the light.

    The, she redirected her attention. The numbers and varieties of undead were growing - they would need those who knew how to lead, and also those who would learn how to work alongside them. Exchange had already become something big, and so clearly an organization of exchange would be useful the undead. They could provide eternal labour, but they would not give it away freely.

    Finally, as she gave the creatures new power, she knew she would need to allow mortals options. Other gods would be able to use their clerics to aid or harm the undead, by the choice of the deities - and they could specify aid or harm based on the varieties of undead - The neutral standard, the evil vampiric, and the good deathless.

    Spoiler: Housekeeping
    Forgot to add a tenant to the pantheon Clora joined - but also haven't spent any PAP as such. Here it is: "No action can allow the numbers of the living, dead, or undead to outweigh the other two combined"

    Spoiler: Clora AP
    Initial AP: [4]
    AP Gain : [+5]
    (Rollover) [+2 Bonus] (New IC)
    Subtotal AP: [9+2]
    AP Expenditure:

    Create Populace (Deathless, Dhampirs, and Vampires - oh my!) [-2] - Vampires are as expected, and existing alongside Dhampirs (except make that LA 4) and Deathless.
    Create Organization (Unliving Labour Exchange) [-2] - The Undead Overseer PrC works quite well here. The ULEx has representatives in most places where the undead can be found - Those who learn to work within the Undead system can find themselves with quite the workforce, for the right price.
    Raise DR [-3] - Using the two above actions. Clora acquires DR 8, and gains a DCM, {A} Healing Light - Clora's light heals allies.
    Nourishment (The Choice) [-1] - Deities choose how their clerics effect undead and the living with healing/harming/smiting/rebuking etc, as opposed to it being directly linked to alignment. For example, Clora's cleric's will heal all types with healing spells, and would rebuke over turning undead - though even rebuking and commanding is looked down upon within the religion - Bolstering is viewed as fully acceptable.
    Utility Artifact Usages:
    Create Subrace (SotA) - The Glowing/Glowing+Flying templates of skeletons can also apply to deahtless. Special note: The light of any glowing deathless acts as sunlight for the purposes of vampiric weaknesses.
    Nourishment (ToRL) - They have begun to appear around the edges of the underplayground, and continue their usual action of restoration.
    Remaining AP: [3]

    Althia, Cho'zak, Lum'ohs and various undead - Frozen Stoixia

    Althia arrived in the north and found the undead. She looked around the north, and focused on something that stood out beyond the sight of the children. The Crystalline Palace.

    Kealoharen & Zermanion - Dawnwatch, Solar's Peak Mountains

    "You say you are a shield, and yet you are making a sword. I will go, see what is occuring for myself. But I shall be clear - if they have attacked, it is no surprise. A cornered animal will fight when it has no other escape. One who attacks, provokes." Kealoharen rushed off to the distance, finding the Avatar of Zermanion and her forces. "Please - stop this fighting. War will only create more suffering. Pain will only create more suffering. Peace can only be achieved through understanding."

    Kealoharen looked at the torn forest, the harpies, the strange and twisted things. In one way, Kealoharen saw why Zermanion had come to this place. Visibly twisted. Within the forest, light shining only from the stray light-tipped tendril. But these things were not necessarily good or evil. They were different. They did not have to be evil - nothing had to be evil, surely.

    Kealoharen's flight marked a significant time after the original pulse of their origin. The energy began to settle across the land - and infants began to be born... special. Blessed by the love of the god. These new creatures were not inherently vengeful or judgemental - though those created by the power of other gods in the future could be. They were born beloved by the god, even if Kealoharen knew none of them yet - They would always feel loved.

    Spoiler: Kealoharen AP
    Initial AP: [0]
    AP Gain : [+3]
    (Rollover) [+2 Bonus] (New IC)
    Subtotal AP: [3+2]
    AP Expediture:

    Create Populace (Aasimar) [-2] - Kealoharen has created the player race Aasimar. Currently, the Aasimar that exist take on the loving traits of Kealoharen. Any Aasimar created of other good gods in the future will have traits more akin to the god that created them. (Potentially a side effect of large bursts of goodness)
    Remaing AP: [3]

    Spoiler: Cleric Stuff
    Clerics of Kealoharen are only allowed to heal, and rebuking is preferred to turning. Vampire hunters should apply elsewhere.
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