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    Landro Krenko - Ka

    The ashen skinned goblin is weird. For starters he is a goblin, not an aram nor any of the other goblinoid subraces that sprung afterwards. He also happens to have a heart that's not beating, but that ain't a problem he moves just fine. His face is covered in a thick and polished golden mask and a red scarf that seems to evaporate into nothingness. But not many look at his face. They look at his back, for he carries a heavy bag with a hole. From the hole the bag's content is spilling leaving a trail of golden coins. But this ain't no Hansel and Gretel story, those shiny coins aren't going to be left in place. Goblins surely don't mind kneeling to get some change, or kneeling someone to get the change that they would otherwise pick. Hey, free market!

    Landro for that's the ashen goblin's name appears unconcerned with his thinning cargo. He just keeps wandering the city listening and all too rarely making questions about a so called Kith. A master thief or somesuch.

    Voth, Lylien - Lylien

    The goddess observes the newcommer. He is garbed in a formal tunic that went out of style in the moon a couple of centuries ago. Black cloth with fractal geometric designs with little to no color in them. He also wore gold, a lot, not only a mask but vambraces too. Such metalic ostentation wasn't the norm in the forest, prosperity dragons being a valid concern there.

    She had tried reaching him telepathically but the creature hadn't given a sign of being able to hear her. What was it? Garbed like a mongrel of old with skin the color of ash and with no response to the mental network that all moongrel shared? Was it even a moongrel? The goddess decided to speak the kin tongue.

    "What do you want?"

    The stranger looked confused, but he answered swiftly. Using the same secret tongue perfectly.

    "To teach."


    "I made a deal."



    The goddess looked at the strangely garbed man, wondering why he had used that particular word. Perhaps having the conversation on the kin tongue, as opposed to mentally, lead to potential lies and misunderstanding. Yet him using the word father couldn't be fortuituous. What was her father up to?

    When the goddess decided that there was nothing wrong in discovering she allowed the Returned to preach his teachings. With his admittance to the mech city the Itzulk, the name spread like wildfire, instalated himself close to the seed chorus. Mirrored the seeds and him were complementing opposites, one was a body without memories and the others were memories without bodies. Apparently they found solace in each others pressence.

    Lylien 3 AP + 2 AP (bonus) + 3 AP rollover + 1 PAP
    3 AP Claim Domain: Runes
    2 AP Claim Portfolio: Writing

    3 AP + 1 PAP remaining

    Eucle 1 PAP

    1 PAP Create Concept (Moon: Power is Power): Shadowcasting Itzulk, and those taught by them, can access the power from Erebus (the plane of shadow) becoming Shadowcasters (Tome of Magic). Please though, note the quasi-official fix by the class creator (which should be in place):

    1) Grant bonus mysteries per day based on Int. These would work just like bonus spells. For instance, if your Int is 14, you can cast one extra mystery of 1st-level equivalent and one of 2nd-level equivalent per day. (Note that each mystery does give an equivalent level, even though you don't learn them by level.)

    2) Eliminate the rule that says you have to take mysteries in a given Path in order. If you want to jump around, so as to broaden your versatility, you can. You must still have at least one mystery of any given level equivalent (1st, 2nd, etc.) before you can get a mystery of the next higher level within a type (Apprentice, Initiate, Master), but they need not come from the same Path.

    3) Eliminate the rule that says you get a bonus feat equal to half the number of paths you have access to. Instead, you get a bonus feat equal to the total number of Paths you complete. Thus, while you are no longer required to take the entirety of a given Path, there's still encouragement to do so.

    4) Allow the shadowcaster to swap out mysteries, like a sorcerer does spells, with the caveat that if you suddenly "un-complete" a Path, you lose a feat as well.

    5) Once your Apprentice Mysteries become supernatural abilities, change the save DC from 10 + equivalent spell level + Cha to 10 + 1/2 caster level + Cha. This makes them useful even against high-HD opponents, and follows the pattern for other supernatural abilities.

    The other class created by the create concept is: the etherjammer. One of my favourite Kellus' classes.

    0 AP Teach Populace (using Ignus' Hammer): Etherjam; Since we don't have an Ethereal plane Etherjammers can Etherjam whenever in a plane coterminous to the realm of dreams. If Etherjammers follow Eucle, or they are Moongrel not acting against him they can also Etherjam in any plane coterminous to Dream Neutral Ground. Any plane with dream trees or dreaming skeletons in it is considered coterminous to Dream Neutral Ground.

    0 AP remaining
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