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    Divine Decree, Avalon, Eldarond - Ulvin, Kyrokoli

    "Because I will fight back. My Father would fight back and with the proper motivation, the other member of my pantheon would fight back. Three gods, against you. You are smarter than that and that is not your true purpose here, for how can one who has no heart or emotion feel sickened and disgusted? How can one such person have wrath?" Ulvin sat on his throne.

    "No. You have another purpose for being here. Enough threats. I will not grovel to you. I will not plead or beg of you. I am not beholden to you nor am I or will I ever be subservient to you. Tell me why you are truly here." He leaned back straight in his throne and calmly placed his hands in his lap with his fingers interlocked together.
    Kryokoli shakes her head "As I said, my purpose is to judge your character, for I feel that you may very well be one of the major obstacles that I may face as I march across the Playground. You have misunderstood me. Perhaps I no longer feel any emotions, but I once knew what it meant to feel sickened and disgusted. And I know very well that these are the feelings I would have if I could feel them at all."

    "So your answer is to threaten me with your allies. Is that the honor of Ulvin Silverblade? To have three gods gang up on me as they did my to mother? Perhaps you would also force yourself upon me while you are at it? You have truly misunderstood me, for the reason I'm facing you today is because I know that you will fight back. Pick up your weapon, and face me. It shall be a test of strength, you against me with no outside interference."

    "I challenge you and your honor Ulvin Silverblade. Prove to me that you can face me in a duel between good and evil."



    AP=8-3: Declare Divine Combat against Ulvin Silverblade. (Rolling will start as soon as we agree on the location.)

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    Althia, Cho'zak, Lum'ohs and various undead - Frozen Stoixia

    Althia arrived in the north and found the undead. She looked around the north, and focused on something that stood out beyond the sight of the children. The Crystalline Palace.
    As the undead approach the Crystalline Palace, a pack of the largest wolfs that they have ever seen approach them, in effect encircling the intruders. Keeping a distance, the largest one approaches the undead and begins to sniff them "Rotten flesh... barely eatable and not alive. Who are you, and what do you seek in these forsaken lands?" growls Fenrir.

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    Cap'n Hookpatch, Squeaks, Skreetchy - Under Mytea
    Hookpatch grinned at Skreetchy and said "Ye...Yer a good one matey. Where we start plunderin'? Hookpeg been itchin' to gather some scales!" He then began to stumble about since the hole was getting sealed and began to work on a bomb to either blow up the bunker or blow up Mytea; he didn't care as long as something would go in a big boom.

    "The problem are... THOSE PESKY GODS!"
    screams Skreechy "THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY OF THEM WALKING AROUND THE PLAYGROUND... and for reasons that I just can't understand ...I AM NOT A GOD! Otherwise I'd be giving them a taste of their own medicine... BY THROWING PEANUTS AT THEM! YOU LIKE YOUR PEANUTS? HAVE ANOTHER PEANUT! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA" cackles the insane Goblin to the heavens. "If we are going to take over the Playground, we are going to need to become as powerful as the gods... BUT HOW?"
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