Nothing wrong with a bit of nerves boy, Augustus said. If you're not nervous before sailing into a storm, then you aren't a real sailor. Better to be nervous than overconfident, that's what I always say. The only other cantidate present, a boy younger than you with hair dyed a soft green, nodded in agreement.

He rolled his neck, cracking his joints and stretching his shoulders. He was built like a swimmer: tall with long arms and legs. He quickly retrieved three pokeballs from a bag at his feet. Now, before we get started, you've got to choose the opponent that you'd like to face. He released the pokemon onto the ground, each you recognized.

First up is Squirtle, a water type famous for their defensive abilities. Second is a Snover, a grass/ice type that come from up north. And finally we have the lovely Spheal, an Ice/Water hybrid that Koon sent me from the Academy. Now Marcus, which would you like to challenge for this battle?