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Adam pointedly steadied his breath as his eyes scanned the area, briefly glancing at the few people in the area, before his eyes settled on the person who held the keys to his feature. Swallowing nervously to push down the beautiflies in his stomach tightened the grip on his ball.

"Y-Yes sir," he replied inwardly cursing the anxious stutter not a second afterwards. He and Thistle were ready for this after all, or so he kept trying to remind himself.
Leo smiled, a gesture that his hulking Darmantain copied as it picked through a bowl of peppers in front of it. Very good. It feels like only yesterday that I was in your shoes battling Halle for my own license. Halle was the former gym leader of Wrystone, current head of the Safari Zone, and also married to Leo. It felt odd thinking about marrying the person who you battled for your right to be a trainer.

Now, before we get moving, there's one choice for you to make: what kind of pokemon you're battling. First up is a Darumaka, one of Piri Piri's newly hatched children. He tossed a red pepper high in the air, and a young Darumaka launched itself out of the thick fur of Leo's starter where it had been resting to snatch the pepper out of the air. It belched a bit of fire after it had eaten the snack. Second is an Oddish, a grass/poison type from Thousand Acres Ranch, and finally we have a Treeko, a grass type whose only surviving species live in the Safari Zone. Well?