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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcran View Post
    Marcus looks at the three Pokeballs, already envisioning the fights that would come to pass with the various opponents. Froakie was a quick Pokemon, focused on powerful strikes and ending the battle before the opponent can take part. In that regard, choosing Squirtle, a heavily defensive Pokemon, would be counterproductive. In the same vein, Snover was a Grass Type, likewise making it a poor choice to battle as it would have an advantage against his Water-Typed Froakie. All that left was the Spheal. It was from the Academy which, for some reason, Marcus felt meant the Pokemon was a fortuitous choice.

    "I'd like to battle the Spheal, please," Marcus states, praying that he made the right decision.
    A wonderful choice Marcus. Now we just pull up the arena. Stand back now. He pressed a button on his pokegear, and a large section of the floor slid into the walls to reveal a pool underneath. Just release your pokemon in one corner, and we can get started! He quickly released the Spheal onto one of the platforms, where it began a throaty chuckle common to its kind.

    Link to the map is in the OOC
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