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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacior View Post
    Dominic looks at the pokeball after averting his eyes from the gaze of the gym leader across the way. This was really it. In just a few minutes, a single battle from now, he was really going to be a pokemon trainer. His other fingered the bottom of his jersey, grabbing the hem in a familiar gesture of being nervous. He practically buzzed with anticipation. Was he going to throw up? Probably not... Maybe. Maybe after... Should have skipped breakfast.

    Looking back up at the gym leader, Dominic hopes he doesn't look half as nervous as he feels. "YES!" He accidentally yells. "Erm, um. Yes! I am! I'm very ready. Yes." He can feel his face reddening as he keeps talking. Turning around suddenly he takes a couple deeps and then... slaps himself. The ace trainer in training turns back around, his face lightening up as he relaxes, except for a handprint on his left cheek that stands out a bit. "Sorry, let my nerves get to me a bit. I'm ready when you are."
    Take a breath Dominic Savannah tells you, one eyebrow raised. I've seen you working with Arlo, and the two of you should be just fine. You're more prepared than most who challenge me. She cast a casual glance at the six others sitting in the bleachers off to the side of the sandy arena. Three of them held their pokeballs uncomfortably, like they'd never handled one before. Savannah herself wore cargo pants and a loose tanktop with sturdy boots, working clothes meant for practicality rather than fashion.

    Now, one thing about these battles is that you get to choose what kind of pokemon you battle. My choices for you today are Machop, a common fighting type pokemon, the omnipresent Geodude, and finally a Trapinch, its a ground type pokemon now, but it will eventually grow into a powerful dragon. Choose your poison Dominic.
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