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Lillian smiled back at you, her face wrinkled and her hair a light grey. She wasn't so old to be a crone, but she was certainly the oldest trainer you'd ever seen. Good. Its always so nice to see young trainers with so much spark in them. Now, I know that I've forgotten something. Ah, the pokemon, that's it. Now lets see ... She hummed softly as she walked to a basket hanging on the wall of the room and withdrew three pokeballs. No doubt she had enough for the thirteen or so prospective trainers gathered here today.

She placed the three pokeballs on the ground. Now Raymond, I'm sure you're aware that you get to choose the pokemon against which you will battle today, so I've gathered three of them here for you to choose between, one from each of the types that I represent. First the bug type pokemon Spinarak. It's a spider just like Jasper, but it uses poison as a weapon instead of sparks. I've also got Tailow, a flying type, and a Rattata, the common yet underestimated normal type present everywhere from here all the way up to Zahaard. Take your time in deciding, but not too long because my old bones can't handle extended battles like they used to. It's tough getting old I tell you.
Raymond found himself wishing he had bothered to learn more about Pokemon before coming into this, but it was too late for that. He considered each of the pokemon that Lillian was offering him to battle against. The boy had seen Spinarak before but thought that maybe Jasper wouldn't want to fight against a fellow bug pokemon. He knew what a Tailow was, having seen plenty of them flying over the farm in the past. Raymond was pretty sure birds and bugs didn't get along too well, so he decided against that. Which just left Rattata, another pokemon that Ray had seen in abundance in the forests near his home.

"We'll fight the Rattata, if you don't mind, Ma'am." Ray looked at Jasper who was still sitting on his shoulder, looking about as nervous as he was. "Don't worry, buddy. We can do this if we work together!" Jasper responded with a little noise of approval and then leaped off of Ray's shoulder to land in front of him, ready for the battle that awaited them.