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Raymond found himself wishing he had bothered to learn more about Pokemon before coming into this, but it was too late for that. He considered each of the pokemon that Lillian was offering him to battle against. The boy had seen Spinarak before but thought that maybe Jasper wouldn't want to fight against a fellow bug pokemon. He knew what a Tailow was, having seen plenty of them flying over the farm in the past. Raymond was pretty sure birds and bugs didn't get along too well, so he decided against that. Which just left Rattata, another pokemon that Ray had seen in abundance in the forests near his home.

"We'll fight the Rattata, if you don't mind, Ma'am." Ray looked at Jasper who was still sitting on his shoulder, looking about as nervous as he was. "Don't worry, buddy. We can do this if we work together!" Jasper responded with a little noise of approval and then leaped off of Ray's shoulder to land in front of him, ready for the battle that awaited them.
Lillian nodded in agreement and released the rat pokemon into the arena that you all stood on. It looked like it was outside, although the walls and ceiling indicated otherwise. The grass was short enough for a good arena surface, and a wheatfield stood on the southern half of the arena. A barn came unnaturally out of the wall, the insides dark and shadowed.

For the five decades that I've held this position, custom has been for the challengers to act first. Show me what you're made of youngster. A happy intensity that didn't fit with her wrinkled face broke out, and she placed both hands on the small wooden walking stick that she carried around.

Alright, my goal with your first couple battles is to ease you into the system. This one should be pretty simple, nothing crazy, and I'll continue gradually introducing concepts to you throughout the first few battles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the OOC, in the pad, or via PM. Once you pick up the system its fairly intuitive. Let's go!

Map link is in the OOC, you get the first move